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WTF? Wednesday

WTF? Wednesday

October 14, 2009
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As in "WTF was that yesterday?" Constant downpour, 40 mph winds, no dog walk, no playing in the yard, and a big boom that woke us up.


"WTF is going on here?"
Buddy, I feel for you. Really.


So that's the big boom that woke us up yesterday morning...


Hmmm... I'm thinking this is a Sibe's dream-come-true.

Still no Internet. Hillbillies like me rely on microwave signals so I'm sure there's some tower signal that's down. So posting is light for now. I'm on dial up which is costing me an arm and a leg since I cancelled my local long distance a while back.  And, WTF was I thinking when I did that?  And no way to visit all my Cyber-dog pals either. Wild Dingo will catch up with ya'll soon.

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11 comments on “WTF? Wednesday”

  1. I hope your humans didn't destroy much in the house without their toys to okhkhupy themselves!

    PeeEssWoo: I guess the pantyloons would be furry damp!

  2. Thank goodness everyone is safe! Were you able to have quality snuggle time with the pups & Mr. Wild Dingo, during the storm? Hope so. The same storm plowed the East Bay yesterday.

    btw, I buy long distance cards from Costco. I find them useful during travel & for those times my internet goes ka-poop. Paying for landline long distance is a total ripoff, and I refuse to give AT&T any money. Do you know they stopped Planned Parenthood donations about 20 years ago-- and, have never reinstated the funds? 27 women's health clinics in low income neighborhoods had to shut down, thanks to the lost of funding from AT&T. Now, whenever AT&T asks me for money, I tell them, "Maybe, once you reinstate funding to Planned Parenthood, and stop funding anti-abortion quacks." Oh yeah, I'm sure they have me flagged as "Crazy lady" in their records...

    Crazy Lady Karen
    (while Sugar sleeps)

  3. Woooos! Too bad there was not an escape attempt before it was discovered...he, he...., but Mom will be happy she does not have to go out a find you. I hope things get back to normal soon!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  4. Yowzer! I don't like rain in general, and thunderstorms in particular. And I REALLY don't like it when pieces of my property start falling down on other pieces of my property. (I'm not so keen on big boom noises...). So while it is raining here, we don't have things falling on us!

    Take cover, and let us know when it is all clear!

    *kissey face*

  5. Good thing the break was found before a break was made. The humans are headed to CA this weekend and hoping the rain stops. Are you near the risk of mudslides? Hope not.

    Woos, the OP Pack

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