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Humor IQ

Humor IQ

July 21, 2008
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I’ve always believed that it took a high IQ to be humorous. However here’s a random conversation at Wild Dingo to prove otherwise.

Scott: A hawk flew over our property today.
I’m perplexed at the significance of the conversation.
Me: So?
Scott: It’s a bird of prey.
Me (still perplexed): Was he praying for us?

Unfortunately, conversations like this are not rare at Wild Dingo. I’m beginning to realize that it doesn’t take a high IQ to be funny. It’s just as easy when you’re daft.


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6 comments on “Humor IQ”

  1. ug, the bell curve of humour...three stooges on the right, New Yorker cartoonist on the left, I don't even want to know where I fit. Clever jokesters can easily slum down that sloppy silly slope while dafty jokesters can never swing upward, so I wouldn't apply for my stoogie member card just yet if I were you, you're just slummin silly girl!

  2. Oh, gosh... And what can be said about a person who doesn't remember colloquialisms and often analyzes the joke so much that she misses the punch line? I did get the "praying" part, however! Good one, Julie!

    P.S. I just met a guy on a local bike ride who used to own 2 birds of prey as pets. He would take them to Gardnerville, NV so they could play!

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