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Adventures of a Formosan Mountain Dog

Adventures of a Formosan Mountain Dog

June 30, 2008
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People keep asking me what breed Loki is. Some guess the German Shepherd, but then they can’t figure out the rest. When you Google Taiwanese Mountain Dog you’ll find Formosan Mountain Dog, Taiwan’s version of the dingo. He has some of the same traits, namely those antenna- like ears, body structure and shape of his face. So I guess he does fit nicely into Wild Dingo!

When Mr. Wild Dingo goes to Taiwan, sometimes he’ll come back with “Formosan” items, like the Formosan ugly hat or Formosan beads. Funny. He never brought home a Formosan Mountain Dog! Now I know why.

They warned us Loki wouldn’t be easy. He's got some major ‘tude when he doesn’t get his way. And he can hold a grudge.  It takes 20 minutes to put on his harness and leash because he's afraid of them. He’s outsmarted all my treats and tricks and manages to play a good round of Houdini before our walks or car rides. His energy never ends.

Below, Loki enjoys himself at his favorite dog park.  The photos look fierce but the dogs are actually having a great time wrestling.

My name’s Travis! Nice to meet you!

The Malamute-Huskies arrive. Some people are sizests and run out of the park when these guys come. But Loki and Travis do not discriminate and are always happy to see the husky pack.

Typical Loki--showing off.

Loki asked me to include this photo because it makes his butt look small.

Judo Chop!

"Loki, I don’t care what the word is on the street, you're aces with me kid!"

"Travis, I got chunks of guys like you in my poop!"


"Travis, How do you like them apples, eh?"

"Oh no you dit-ent!"

"Vushki and Loki play tug for the first time."

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27 comments on “Adventures of a Formosan Mountain Dog”

  1. GREAT pics and captions.....a riot. Bo, our 14-year old Cocker is not that spry anymore, though he still maintains enough vigor to hump a kitty every now and then.

  2. Hi?
    My name is Candy, I’m from Taiwan. Thank you for the adoption of the Loki. Loki had suffered a lot in Taiwan, he just got the coldness and discarding with which remained faithful to his master, and he got beaten and was always hunger. All this had made a deep impression on me.
    By luck Loki met with you, I really appreciated for your love to Loki. He really is a lovely dog, and faithful. I will continue concerned about him in your website. I believe it is God's guidelines for Loki to your side, hope Loki to love you in place of Maggie ... Thank you.

  3. Wonderful! I adopted a dog from a Taiwan rescue organization (http://www.savedogs.org/english/). She's a handful, but I wouldn't trade her for anything (see lifewithsugar.blogspot.com for day-to-day adventures). It's awesome to see other Taiwanese dogs enjoying life with a little bit (?) of attitude. Love it!

  4. I have a 3 legged Taiwanese street dog that got hit by a car and then I saved her and brought her back to Canada.
    She is so happy and glad to be here!
    Looks a lot like Loki

  5. hey
    we adopted a dog from taiwan too!
    her name is cleo, and she is still a little shy. she is definentaly a mutt, but she looks a little like a formosan mountain dog! she was abandoned on the doorsteps of a rescue foundation, on a very cold night. she was scared of people when we first got her because she was abused, but shes getting much better.

  6. I have adopted a taiwan dog as well, she looks alot like the formosan. Her name is Lucy and she is very shy. she will be 3yrs on 7-14. I think she is just a wonderful breed. I love when people ask me what kind of dog is she. She is really beautiful. All black with the thick sickle tail and the pink belly. Teeth whitest white I have ever seen. And.... she can walk on her hind legs. I love her so much.

  7. My brother flew his dog to me in Montreal three years ago from Taiwan. We never knew what type of dog she was until today. She is definitely part Formosan Mountain dog. Her name is Lekima (named after a Vietnamese fruit tree apparently) We call her Lukie Lou. She's darling. Many people ask us if she is a miniature German Shepherd due to her brown and yellow coloring. She has the curled tail and the most expressive ears. Luke can run like a whippet. One of the dog owners in our park calls her "rocket dog." However, she is not good with small children. She spent the first six months of her life living in a park in Taipei before she was rescued. We believe that she was terrorized by children. My two boys and I love her.

  8. There is one living outside the familymart by my house... someone just dumped her last week. We call her Dingo, she is so well mannered and affectionate. I feed her and took her to the vet to get checked up. No one wants to take her. They dont care about these dogs here. There are so many of them just wondering the streets. Most Taiwanese only want the imported dogs. It is so sad. They are such great dogs but everyone just treats them like a pest..


  9. So wonderful to see all of the 'Tugo' lovers that are coming out of the woodwork through Loki's blog. I recently returned to Canada after 2 years in Taiwan. I brought home with me 2 amazing pups, one being a Formosa Mountain Dog mix and the other is a french bulldog that we found abandoned (and very sick)in a field while on one of our walks.

    I have to laugh when I hear the comments people have made about their Tugos as they sound just like my Laifuu. I would never trade him for the world!

    In light of the recent Typhoon that has devastated many areas of Southern Taiwan in the past couple of weeks, there are many wonderful pups who have also suffered. Lots of good people are working night and day to try to take care of these pups but there are just so many! SO if you know of anyone interested in adopting a pup or helping out, these great dogs as well as the many other homeless dogs and cats, need help so lets keep spreading the good word about our amazing friends and hopefully we can see more success stories like Loki and our fur friends.

    A small but mighty group that is always helping Taiwan Animals and is definitely doing their best to help the less fortunate abandoned and stray dogs in Typhoon hit areas is called 'Bark Taiwan'. They are located in Kaohshiung City. Google 'BarkTaiwan' and check out their website. They are always eager to do whatever they can to find loving homes for dogs and cats, whether you are in Taiwan or overseas! The good thing about adopting a dog from Taiwan is that there is no rabies which means (in Canada and the USA) no quarentine! Yeah!

  10. Hey, i live with my sister in BC and along with her 2 year old boxer she also has a TMD rescue from Taiwan ( through OceanDogRescue) and i have a 5 year old Belgain Shepherd and i was wondeirng what Travis in the above pictures is.. is he a BSD too?

  11. Just adopted a rescue dog from Taiwan. They said she was a german sheperd/lab mix. It took me five minutes on Google to see that she is a Fomosan. I love her, but am concerned about the things I've read about their possible agression. We have to small children and three cats. She's been fine so far, but has growled a bit at strangers. Please tell me about your good experiences with both humans and animals. She starts puppy school in a couple of weeks and I am introducing her to as many people and animals as possible, hoping to counter her hunting and guarding instincts. By the way...she loves me like I'm her mom. She's only 12 weeks old and she is so agile and smart. Not like any puppy I've ever encountered.


  12. I recently adopted a dog from Taiwan too. She's been the sweetest dog. Take your time with your puppy. Lots of exposure to other dogs and humans will acclimate your puppy, especially because she is so young. My 1 year old dog adjusted almost immediately. They will form that bond first with you, once they feel comfortable they will train easier! Good luck and have fun!!!

  13. It's good to see other people rescuing and loving these wonderful dogs I just recently adopted my Formsan from a group called srtay-dogs.org. They paid for everything such as his cargocost and all we had to do was pick him up in vancouver. I applaud these people because they pay for everything out of their own pocket.

  14. Is that Los Gatos Creek Park? I also have a dog that's got some Formosan Mountain dog in him. If you're in the area, it would be great to get the dogs together for a play date.

  15. We adopted a dog from Taiwan 2 years ago from our local shelter here in Hamilton,Ontario. We learned thru Google searches that he was formosan. He came with a story. He was from a mountain rescue shelter and was taken to a local carnival to promote the shelter. He broke free and ran off after some fireworks were set off. They apparently gave up the search for him, but he showed up at the shelter some 40 kms away, three weeks later. (very thin with cuts & scraps) He is by far the best dog we have ever had. He is bright orange with a black saddle, black around his snout, with black markings on his tongue. One ear stands straight up and the other droops (injured while alone in the mountains?) He is very affectionate and we refer to him as our "Velcro" puppy as he never leaves our side. He is gentle and extremely smart and is the perfect dog. We wouldn't think twice about adopting another !!

  16. It is so nice to hear the stories of the Formosan dogs that have been rescued. Our rescue group works closely with Animal Rescue Team Taiwan; they fly 3-4 of these pups to us each month. I live in California and we have had much success at finding homes for the pups. They have all been such wonderful dogs; always a little shy to be expected but very sweet and playful. If you know of anyone that is looking for a Formosan; feel free to have them contact our rescue group: [email protected]. We always have lots of pictures to share as well.

  17. My son was walking our dog today and passed a guy with a similar looking dog and he told my son that the breed is a Formosan Mountain Dog. When he told me the other dog also had black markings on the tongue, I started searching about the breed on Google and found this blog along with some other information confirming that our dog is also a FMD. She is almost 10 months old, mostly white with a little gold, 40 lbs, pointed ears and curl to her tail. I adopted her from Doggie Protective Services 3 months ago and was told she was half German Shepherd and half Lab and yes also from Taiwan.

    We named her Gabby Roo because she looks a little like a kangaroo. She has the cutest personality with us and loves to put her head out the window of the car. She is shy with other people although as soon as they turn their back she will go sniff them out. She barks pretty loud when she hears someone at the front door and her heckles will stand up when she gets scared but she's never worried us that she'd hurt anyone. We are socializing her with puppy school and she seems fine. By far the smartest pup in class...maybe that because she is our baby 🙂 We feel so lucky to have her.

  18. Hi Donna!
    Are you in the bay area; I recognize the shelter name...I'm in redwood city and adopted a FMD from Taiwan too...his name is Kona and we got him through AHAN in SF about 4 months ago. He is also pretty shy but does the sneaky sniff after you turn your back too! If you're close we should have a doggy date!!

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Yes, we are in South San Jose. We were going to take her on a hike in Belmont last weekend however it was so hot Sunday afternoon we decided to wait. This weekend we are working on a new addition to our house but I want to definitely come up for the "dog friendly" hiking spot a friend was telling me about.

      My cell is 650-255-1735. [email protected]

      Looking forward to meeting you and Kona some day soon!


  19. A friend brought us 2 rescue dogs from Mexico who are the identical twins to your dogs. Even to their expressions when they play with each other.

  20. Where are you located? We also adopted a Taiwan street dog from the Salty Dog Rescue group in Washington State that adopts dogs from Taiwan and locally everyday.
    Our Sadie looks exactly like your LOKI, exactly! I could send you photos, it's crazy! When I googled the breed, your blog came up and I had to do a double-take, thought it was my dog posted.

  21. Hi Donna,

    We live in Monte Sereno and just discovered that out dog is a FMD. He is the best dog we have ever had. We got him at 8 months and he's now 3yrs old. We love him to pieces. Sweetest, genltlest best dog we've ever had. Great with kids and quite a protector. Runs and jumps like a dear and is quick as lightening. Finding out his breed has explained a lot! We believe he might be mixed lab but everything else fits him to a tee. The one thing we wonder about is he heats up pretty quickly. I wonder if that's a trait too or should it be a concern? Any comments would be appreciated.


    1. HI Leo,
      Gabby is now 6 years old and she gets tired/heated when she runs around at the dog park or after a long walk/hike. She also runs and prances like a deer. When she's around other dogs, she'll keep playing with them for hours so I don't worry about her.

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