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Friday's Are for Punks

Friday's Are for Punks

July 24, 2009
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juno-punkIt may come as no surprise to Wild Dingo readers to hear me say that Loki is a punk. Ya'll know he's a bad boy disguised as a good boy in training. During Wednesday night's beach class, the trainer asked me to sit him half-way to me during a 600-foot recall, while an assistant held Juno about 50 feet away from me. As usual, Loki bolted out of the trainer's hand as soon as I recalled him, and though he knows exactly how to stop and sit in the middle of a recall, he was  p.o.'d that Juno and I walked away from him and that another person was holding Juno. So instead of sitting at my command, he's all "aragggrrrr  arrgggerrrr  aarggggeeerrr," and half way to me, he made a bee-line toward Juno and punked her out with an unwelcomed pounce and play-bite to her scruff then finished his "recall" to me. Yup. That's why he's a punk.

But I'll bet you didn't know Juno is a punk too. Ya, don't buy that sweet innocent submissive little gumdrop nose act. She is very good at blowing off recalls and being selective with her hearing. But take a look at what she's actually telling Loki during another beach class:


"Hey, pull my finger. The chi-wow-wow is down wind."

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6 comments on “Friday's Are for Punks”

  1. Chuckling.

    We are out RVing this weekend, so the dogs get fed on a drop line out beside the RV. As you can imagine, six Siberian Huskies on a drop line can attract attention. So just as breakfast was being finished, this gentleman stepped up and started talking to me. He crouched down and started petting Qannik who rewarded him by nuzzling up to his face - and belching really, really loud.

    The poor man took it in stride. I was mortified.

    Probably will become a blog post this week!

  2. Ha roo roo roo! Good one, Juno!
    And YES, we totally buy the innocent act! Stormy says we're Siberian Huskies and we are never in the wrong! Isn't she smart!?!?
    Play bows,
    PS: Great to meet you! We're adding you to our Google reader so we can stay in touch!

  3. Oooo I like that trick. No one had to pull my finger during class last week. Let's just say the air was thick around me. I'm surprized Loki didn't fall for it.He's got the good boy front down pretty good.

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