Happy Juicy-versary

Hello readers! I know. I know. Woo think I would furgit my favorite criminal’s anniversary? Pshaw! Nefur! We had a lovely anniversary celebration at one of Juicy’s favorite training locations when she was a wee puppy, the beach. It was lovely reminiscing all the times she took off from a down stay with the cracker in hot pursuit. Remember all the times egged-on Loki to  prank all the other wee pups? Yes, that’s my Juicy, always full of giggles and creative mischief.   Continue reading “Happy Juicy-versary”

Heart Attacks and Money Pits

If you ask me, a Siberian husky’s main goals in life are to give you regular heart attacks and a spend all your money.  Juno is not just achieving her goals, but blowing past them, leaving them in the dust and me and Mr. Wild Dingo, barely alive from regular heart attacks and broke. This is Juno, above, last Wednesday. She found a stick and pranced around the yard, mocking Loki for having a better toy than him. I couldn’t help but smile so we goofed around a bit with it. I know sticks can be dangerous to dogs, but this one was soft and it seemed harmless. Continue reading “Heart Attacks and Money Pits”

Her Turn

Vets and vet techs who know the dramatics of huskies have always recognized Juno’s unusually calm behavior whenever they examine her. If you poke her in a sore spot, she’ll simply whimper and kiss your hand. Though she is stoic like the breed is known to be, she’s not very vocal like huskies. This dog once ran around with a nail straight through her paw with nary a sign of discomfort, just a big smile on her face, while you and I would be screaming in agony. But the minute she’s stoned, the real husky comes out with relentless whining! “Woe is me!” Continue reading “Her Turn”



“Sigh. Life is hard. Especially when my body guard is in the shop getting his smile brightened. I have nobody to protect my jodhpurs and gum drop nose. If woo could only recognize how hard this is for me, it would be so much easier for woo, Momma.” Continue reading “Yesterday…Today”

Same Circus, Same Clowns

Yup. We’ve been in this rodeo before. Over ten years now. It never gets old.

Of course, the clown (unidentified, but we’ll call him MWD) rewarding the criminal with cookies (seen in his hand) may have something to do with crime rates at Wild Dingo. I’m no sociological statistician–just the ringmaster at this circus.  I call this sideshow, “Cookies for Criminals.”


Dear Diary, Nothing New Happened

If you were to take a peek into my teenage diary, you would find about 360 pages of “Dear diary, Nothing new happened today.” The other 5 pages might read what I got for Christmas or a grade on a test and talk about how wildly unfair the teacher was.  Sadly, my teenage writer’s block was profoundly more prolific than my adult writer’s block. At least it had four words. Six if you count “dear diary.” Continue reading “Dear Diary, Nothing New Happened”

It’s Just Biology

First, a few weeks ago, Mr. Wild Dingo had the good fortune of getting to pull out an 18″ tape worm from Loki’s butt. It was stuck and Loki begged Mr. Wild Dingo to help him get it out. Yup, this is the glamorous life, Internet!  So both he and Juno got de-wormed. Where he got the tapeworm, is beyond me as we’re fastidious about both of their health. The cracker does bite at flies, he drinks out of creeks and we had an overly-wet winter season leaving lots of standing water heaped with critters. It could have come from anywhere.

Then there was me. I started a new set of meds to try to get at the resistant Babesia while treating yet ANOTHER newly discovered infection. Within days, the meds turned me into a mindless blob with a nonstop migraine. This is Lyme Disease-MSIDS Funballs, people. Aren’t you sad you aren’t on the team with me? Continue reading “It’s Just Biology”

A Life Without Cheeses

The past two weeks, while Mr. Wild Dingo has been on travel, I, Evil Momma, have led Juno off her spiritual Path of Cheeses. This is what we call a “necessary evil” to lose a few pounds. No matter how much she prayed at the sacred altar of Mount Kitchen Island and proclaimed her faith, Cheeses has not appeared before her offering salvation and everlasting joy. Naturally, she’s begun to question her faith. Tomorrow night, Mr. Wild Dingo, the virtuous dairy minister, will be home to preach the glory of Cheeses and Juno’s faith will be restored. Hang on little girl! Your righteous cries have been heard. Cheeses is coming and you will be saved from a life without the divine! We can find other ways to balance your diet so you never have to sacrifice a life without Cheeses again. (Until the next business trip.) Hallelujah!

I am the Anti-Cheeses! Boo wa ha ha ha!

Seriously Internet, Juicy needs to lose a few pounds because of her hip problems. Her weight plus her desire to go off trail down steep slopes and climb back up impossible hillsides all contribute to pinched nerves and knotted muscles in her hips.  Because of her hip dysplasia, she doesn’t use the proper muscles to move properly, especially in challenging situations. Plus carrying extra weight contributes to that improper movement.  She gets regular physical therapy 2-3 times per month to release the knots. But I’ve also implemented a strict on-leash-walks-only policy, especially around steep areas so she won’t keep pulling muscles or pinching nerves. After two weeks of strict diet and staying leashed she’s not in much pain and limping is way down. In fact, she’s much more playful and interested in getting up to join me in the garden in the afternoons, which she stopped doing when she’s in pain.

UPDATE: We had a visit with the dogtor today for PT and found that Juno lost 2 lbs in just these past two weeks! And she’s much more playful and moves so much easily. She has at least 2 more to go for reasonable weight. She was best at 58, but I’d be fine with her at 60 lbs too.

Now I have to train Mr. Wild Dingo to restrict her snacks and use a leash on our property walks, where she tends to hurt herself the most on the steep trails. He’s not going to like it, but I can remind him how much spinal injury will cost ( Loki’s TPLO surgery cost is nothing compared to spine surgery) and that may motivate him. Internet, he’s harder to train the doggies. Maybe I can put a shock collar on him.


Church of Cheeses

Not many people know this, but Juno is devout spiritual being. She follows the path of Cheeses. Worshiping nightly, she prays for the coming of Cheeses, while MWD ministers an amuse-bouche in the kitchen.

“Like an angel descending from heaven, Cheeses makes its way from the great Mount Kitchen Island, and behold, lands directly on my tongue where it fills my soul with joy. What Cheeses has to offer, let no man put it anywhere but in my mouth.”

Dogs Can Express Gratitude

Have you ever noticed your dog express gratitude toward you? I’m not talking about the affection he gives you when you walk through the door after work. I mean, real thanks, for something specific. I never gave it much thought, until one day a few years ago, on a very hot walk, I stopped half way through as I usually do, to offer Loki and Juno some water. I poured it into the bowl. And instead of heading tongue first into the bowl, both gave me a kiss on the cheek, then proceeded to drink their water. In fact, they must have both kissed me before drinking hundreds of times in the 9 years we’ve been together and I never connected it as gratitude. It doesn’t matter how hot or how thirsty they are, they almost always tell me “Thanks Mom,” with a kiss, when I offer them the water. Continue reading “Dogs Can Express Gratitude”