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"Hello? Dish Network?...

"Hello? Dish Network?...

October 5, 2009
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... you're fired."fmd-satellite-2

Fine Print:  FMD Satellite does not guarantee FMD and its signal will stay in one location long enough for you to watch an entire show.

Oh well, there's nothing ever on TV anyway!

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11 comments on “"Hello? Dish Network?...”

  1. I would think that Juno would be in charge of customer service. I heard that Huskies have the right attitude for it!

    Princess Eva

    p.s. No disrespect meant towards Juno if the rumors are true.

  2. Need help with pest control? I can provide subcontract services for eliminating squirrels, birds and deer from your property. You will never be bothered by those Evil Ones, again! Satisfaction guaranteed.

    (just ask the crazy lady who keeps finding my pet cemetery in the backyard...humans, they just don't understand...)

    Sugar the Sweet Destroyer

  3. Ha roo roo roo! WEll... you should have seen Ammy when she was in the "big ears" stage! She had some real whoppers! That's how she got her nickname Zichick - Ukrainian for Rabbit or Hare! 😉
    Tail wags,

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