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Stolen Time

Mr. Wild Dingo says, "The best time is stolen time." So we stole an extra hour at lunch for some shenanigans in Santa Cruz. Lunchtime Shenanigans from Julie Starling on Vimeo. Not too shabby for 11 and 12 year old pups, huh? PS. Dear readers, I know you've been wondering where we've all been. We're […]

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Alarm Cracker

Today I woke to The Cracker and Coyotes belting out a cool, hip tune to the beat of a firetruck caravan. It must be Tuesday. Except that it's Monday. 

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Count Grassula

That look I get when I tell him he has something in his teeth. *Thanks to our friends at Tails from the Pack for that perfect title!

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Flashback Friday


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Happy Loki-versary!

Thursday was Loki's 4th anniversary with us and marks his 5th birthday. We had house guests here so we delayed his celebration until the weekend.  For a dog so affected by change, to our surprise, he adapted well to house guests and even offered a game of tug with them.

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Dog lovers generally like or love Loki when they first meet him. They're fooled by his charm.  Even Bernard, our kennel keeper, had a mile-wide smile the first day he met him. "He's well-trained," he said. But that was before he chose to live with the whacka-cracker while we vacation. The last time we picked up the dogs after […]

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Happy Loki-versary

  Two years ago this weekend, Mr. Wild Dingo and I drove up to the city to adopt Loki. I still remember the mixed feelings I had when I met him. He was much bigger than I had anticipated and he wasn't even full grown. But his silly personality and his sad beginnings are what sold […]

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Total Recall

  Siberian Husky owners, you may want to avert your eyes. Because what you're about to see may give you nightmares and is so horrific it isn't shown on TV. It may raise your blood pressure or even cause heart failure.  What you are about to see is shocking, frightening and down right against the […]

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Scary Smart

A few weeks ago, I won a free evaluation from a dog behaviorist and CAV (certified accupuncture veterinarian). So I used the evaluation on Retardo since there were a few behaviors that still needed work.  The behaviorist/vet was awesome and had a bunch of insight on why Retardo acts like, well, Retardo. While she was […]

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"Hello? Dish Network?...

... you're fired." Fine Print:  FMD Satellite does not guarantee FMD and its signal will stay in one location long enough for you to watch an entire show. Oh well, there's nothing ever on TV anyway!

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