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French Friday

French Friday

December 4, 2009
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 "Voulez-woo coucher avec moi?"



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20 comments on “French Friday”

  1. Excellent paw placement. Khyra would be proud of you.

    My momma said that she used to live someplace called Beverly which is near Mahbohhead and very pretty, but then she met my Master and they moved to Framingham, home of the shopping mall.


  2. Juno,
    Je pense que votre mère devrait vous donner un régal. Peut-être une pièce de poulet saccadée.

    Veuillez en informer Loki à trouver un manucure rapidement.

    Avec beaucoup d'amour,

  3. hello juno and loki its dennis the vizsla dog hay umm hav i aksidently wanderd into the moolon roodj??? if so let me just say i hav no ideea wot mite hav happend to enny of yore employeez hoo may or may not hav wanderd in to my sunday awards and meem show!!! ok bye

  4. this girls from the bronx.. no parlez vous francaise here:)
    but Juno you clearly have ze french in ze eyes. And, loki is plainly knocked out cold.


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