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Crate-o-Phobia Bygones

Crate-o-Phobia Bygones

June 25, 2010
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One fear down, 87,000 more fears to go. Looks like Loki's 12 step program got him over his crate fear.

"This is a nice pad, but it's a little cramped for my style. Where will I fit the baby grand piano and the water bed?"

See what I mean about his ears not fitting? Seriously though, airline regulations require a 4" clearance from the top of the head (not the ears) if the dog is standing normally (not hunched like he his here).  This crate wouldn't pass airline regulations. Still, we use it to train him and will get him a crate for his size, whether we buy, build or rent one!  At school, Loki stays in a canvas crate while I train Juno so he gets used to being in a closed environment in a public location.  He totally digs that crate.

Here is Loki's 12 Step Program for overcoming crate fear:

  1. Admit that the crate is powerless over me.
  2. Believe in a Higher Power, also known as The Salmon Cookie, to get me into the crate.
  3. Decide to turn my will over to the Salmon Cookie as I understand it's deliciousness.
  4. Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of myself. (Surprise! I'm perfect!)
  5. Admit to myself and the Salmon Cookie that I am not worthy of the Salmon Cookie when I wrongly don't get into the crate when Mom says "Crate!"
  6. Be ready to have the Salmon cookie remove all defects of the crate.
  7. Humbly ask the Salmon Cookie to be delicious.
  8. Make a list of all the times I did not get in the crate and be willing to be sorry for those wrongs.
  9. Make amends to get into the crate whenever possible, even when not asked, to make up for all the times I did not get into the crate.
  10. Continue to take inventory of when I didn't get into the crate and admit it.
  11. Pray to the higher Power--the Salmon Cookie--to improve my focus, and for knowledge of its deliciousness.
  12. Having been awakened, carry out the message to all crate-o-phobics and continue to practice these principles in my life.

Enjoy the crate-o-phobia bygones video. At the end, there are a few tricks for added entertainment.


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18 comments on “Crate-o-Phobia Bygones”

  1. Juno! You are reminding me of PeeWee doing those wicked cute moves without being asked. Suck up!

    Poor Loki! Is mom confused or something? Come, crate, come, crate, sheesh, make up your mind. I think Juno has the right idea. Be totally adorable whenever possible.


  2. Wooos! What fun trickies! Scampi still will not get into the crate.... silly dog, Mum says it is because he spent many many long times in one before she found him.
    Juno, woo are too cute!

  3. That Salmon Cookie must be a higher power! Wowza! I loved the commentary on that video. If my dogs ever learn mind tricks, I am afraid of what will happen to us!

  4. Wow, I sure like the salmon cookie/trick ratio in your household! Stinky stingy Maman and I need to have a little talk here...to think that last WE I sat-N-stayed like an angel for like forever*, even whith a stupid fly a-buzzing around my face and a gazillion dogs barking, and all I got was a stupid sticker and a measly slice of chicken wiener! High time I called my Union, methinks.

    * Well, it was 2 minutes actually, and the poor boy did go a little cross-eyed at the 30 second call when a fly happened by, but he never lost concentration in a crowd of about a hundred dogs and did me proud indeed. Pay no heed to the Union talk, he's just been reading too much french press lately...The Maman.

  5. Loki, you cracked me up when you went into the crate and your tail is still sticking out! Job well done Loki and Juno of course. BTW, when are you setting off for CH?


  6. It always amazes the humans here what we will do for food - as long as we aren't talking about Phantom.

    Congrats, Loki, looks like you will be able to cross the big pond after all.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. Loki, I think woo will be okay, "one day at a time", bro! Juno, woo are one cute sibette!

    jack a-roo

  8. I have never had salmon cookies. I would do anything if Mum were to give me some salmon cookies as reward! Your crate training looks like fun. Any kind of training with my Mum is often very boring. My Mum should learn from your human!

  9. Juno is sooooo husky! Gotta love the brats! Loki is doing fantastic with the crate. 🙂 Watching him work makes me want a high drive, eager to please dog again instead of a stubborn, independent husky and a easily distracted, slow to react Beagle cross. 🙂 But I love my dogs and wouldn't trade them. Good job on beating the crate phobias.

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