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Cream Puff vs. Iron Dog

Cream Puff vs. Iron Dog

June 18, 2010
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"Hey Big Boy, now that you're an Iron Dog, let's see how much Iron you're really made of."

"Princess, I'm all Iron. Pop says if you want to do a dog trial like me, you could do the Cream Puff trial."

"Cream Puff, huh? You wanna find out which is stronger, cream or iron?"

"Boo! What a pansy! Scared of a little cream puff are you?"

"No way sister. You just caught me off guard."


"Who you calling cream puff now, Iron Dog?"

Mr. Wild Dingo has dropped the gauntlet and has declared Juno to be a cream puff. There are rumors at school that another Iron Dog trial could be taking place before we move. If that's true, Juno is stepping up to the plate (if there's tri-tip on it of course). We'll show those boys who the real cream puffs in this family are!

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14 comments on “Cream Puff vs. Iron Dog”

  1. Woof! Woof! C'mon wit the name Cream Puff what do you expect. Enjoyed your video n will check you out in you tube. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. Loki! Man up, buddy. It appears that your primary tactic is to open your jaws of doom wide enough to swallow a volkswagon. That is not going to cut it with a wide body smack down machine like Juno (alleged cream puff). You are clearly going to have to work on your moves.


  3. Nils-Erik's wife raises Huskies for sled pulling during the tourist season here. Apparently is it good business. She has 8, and runs teams of 6, borrowing occasionally from other husky owners in the area. Maybe Juno can help pull tourists in the hills above Lausanne. We can put a down jacket and footies on Loki and maybe he can pull as well.

  4. Ha rooo , Iron Dog, beware of the Cream Puff - she is just using her sibe smarts to lure you in and then watch out - sibes are masters (or in this case mistresses) of that technique.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Tsk tsk, Loki....haven't woo been watching my Monday Moo-vees? Woo should know by now not to mess with us sibettes! Juno, woo rock!

    miss moo

  6. OMD I was totally blown away when I read about the Iron Man testing. Fascinating and hmmm very interesting. Imagine me earning the Iron Man title BOL

    PS: nobody from your household needs rescuing

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