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Leaving Los Gatos

Leaving Los Gatos

August 18, 2010
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Before we go,  Loki and Juno would like to share some memories of their adventures in a town named for cats.

"Hey Handsome, how about you and me paint this "cat" town a little canine before we blow out of here?"
"Cupcake, you crack the whip, I'll make trip."

First stop is the tree farm for a little off-leash time.  Juno  gives me 'the paw' one last time when I call her to come.

"You know what happens to the photographer who falsely cries 'cheese,' right Mom?"

"Princess, do you think we'll get a spot on Dancin' with the Stars?"
"Stud, your paw choreography is workin', but the tongue needs to hang a little more to the right."

For a quick break, they make a stop at their favorite market and proposition the passerby. Summit market is very close to our home and whenever we go out for hikes, these two are always begging me to stop there. It's not hard to see why.

"Hey Mister, we're starving and could use a little meat."
"No, we have no idea who that lady taking pictures is. Never seen her before in our lives."

"Big Boy, stop looking so intense. You're killing my helpless, in-desperate-need-of-juicy-deli-BBQ act. How are we gonna score any tri-tip with a face like that?"

Next we stop for a final visit to Dogtor Hilary, who gives them their final exam and a round of acupuncture needles for Juno.

 "Look Dr. Hilary, until you hand over a couple of treats, I'm not going to cooperate."

"Hey Princess, if you need me, call, I'll be right over here, protecting you from afar."
"Thanks Big Boy. Um, I feel so much safer. Not."

"Stop being such a tease Dogtor Hilary. Hand over that treat this minute."

 "Ooo, Dogtor Hilary, shouldn't you buy me dinner first?"

"Well, ok, I'm a cheap date. I'll take a treat instead."

Next we head over to the Infamous "Cat's Hill," a 23% hill grade.

Every year, a famous bicycle race, the Cat's Hill Criterium, is held on this course. In a 45-90 minute race, racers will climb that 23% grade 10-30 times.  In addition to the grueling climb, the course has plenty of technical elements from tight 90 degree turns to pavement cracks, bumps and lifting cement slabs that add to the adrenaline.  I raced it once. I like watching the race better.

"Hey cupcake? Why do you think they call this Cat's Hill? I don't see no stinkin' cats!"
"Why don't you tune in those ears to the local Wi-Fi and wiki-pawdia it, Big Boy?"

Next Loki and Juno stop by to pick up the mail. One good thing about having a ridiculously evil and stupid post-master who won't deliver our mail, is that we are able to pay non-postal people, like the nice lady in this photo below, money to deliver our parcels to Europe. And US postal workers wonder why they don't make enough money.

 "Hey Lady, do you have a package that will hold a 67-pound product from Formosa? We'll need bubble wrap for those ridiculously large ears."
"Ha-ha Princess! Very funny."

Later, they run into this black little fella who looks like a contestant for Dex's Black Lab contest.

 "Hey Big Cheese, that black labradog looks suspicious. I don't like the looks of him."
"Princess, I think he's stoned!"

 "Never mind him, Big Boy. I think I just discovered where we can get some fresh cat-iar.

  "Hey Mom, why don't you inquire within to see if they need some live models for Bow Wozer?"
"Ya, that black labradude over there isn't much of a super model, is he?"

Loki and Juno sure have had some good times in a town named for cats. Many of the shop owners and shoppers have enjoyed meeting them and they always enjoy the attention.  But that doesn't mean they haven't had a few indiscretions. After all, one is a Cujo-cracker and the other is a Siberian. Trouble is in their DNA.

"Hey Mom, remember, What happens in Los Gatos, stays in Los Gatos!"

 See ya later LG! The cats can come out now.

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19 comments on “Leaving Los Gatos”

  1. Thanks fur one last taste - I mean tour!

    Happy Flapping!

    Khyra and Khousin Merdie
    PeeEssWoo: We are all wishing woo safe flights!

  2. It was so much fun to see where you have been, now we all awaiting the post that shows us where you are going - safe travels. And hopefully see you soon.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Very nice tour of your hood, nice running grounds for a couple of popular puppies. We are sure you will own your new area as well, just dont turn into total Euro's.

    Remy and Flash

    PS Perfect description, critique of your experiences with the USPS. They should be very proud of their employees, methods and philosophies of serving their customers and the tax payers who subsidize their prospering, growing, high tech business.


  4. Hi Guys! So so sorry I haven't visited in AGES! I can't believe the big day is nearly here!

    I loved taking a tour of the town with you - I must have started following your blog after you did your posts about visits there because I don't remember going there with you before. It sure looks like a pretty place - and I'm sure everyone's going to miss you loads!

    OK - am off to catch up on your other posts now!

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. Hsin-Yi says she's so impressed by the Sit Stays you guys were doing across the street, by that cycling hill!

  5. Nice trip to the cat town! Looks like it leaves woo with many happy mewmories. Hey - seriously, have a safe trip, we'lll be sending ya Sibe-vibes!

  6. Freshly fluffed jodhpurs - check
    Freshly starched ridiculously large ears - check
    'Tude galore - double check

    Europe doesn't know what's going to hit them!
    You go get that cheese...

    Bon voyage et a bientot. Et n'oubliez pas de nous tenir au courant...can't wait.

  7. I love that stoned black lab all doing his dumb sit / stay. Wait a minute, you two are doing a sit / stay as well. Not dumb at all, very admirable (please don't hurt me, Loki cracker dog).

    Nice farewell to your pals. They will miss you no doubt. Safe trip.


  8. Once again, another hilarious post!!! I hope you continue to blog once you are overseas.

    Did you see that I am fostering puppies? We have 2 that are finally healthy and 50% potty trained. They go up for adoption this weekend....we are sad/happy to see them move on with their new forever family.

    Toodles Jules

  9. Have been reading from the shadows for a long time, enjoying every minute of your dogs! Good luck on the continent, and safe flying...

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