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November 11, 2010
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No time... no time for anything but a video. For the Herd and anyone who has 3 minutes to waste, entertain themselves. There's a surprise ending.

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16 comments on “Woo-Along”

  1. We lost our best wooer when we lost Dakota. TD tries but he is so off pitch. Ciara is more of a yapper. And Phantom, well Phantom does his own thing and can woo well if he wants to.

    Nice surprise - Juno knows how to turn on the charm.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Too funny! Morgan came over and watched the whole thing. With great interest I might add. You can tell may the amount of "head tilt" you great from her. If she tilted any further she would of flipped over.

  3. *snort* He's right! Poor Morgan's head almost tilted right off her body! She's just happy that we're all back to normal today, except for Blueberry eating her new food in her crate.

    The food they gave her was Hill's Prescription Diet t/d formula. I'm not sure if we'll stick with it, but the dogs are all crazy about it. If we can't afford to feed it on a regular basis, we may buy a bag to use for treats.

  4. The woo'ing was nice but of khourse woo know MY favourite part 😉

    BTW, I detekht a Swiss akhcent already fur Loki!

    PeeEssWoo: I have a furry nice YAPPY voice - I do woo when the house phone rings - and no one answers it - Mom isn't khwikhk enough to get the flashie beastie on to khapture it

  5. Boy, do you have tolerant neighbors! We step outside into our own backyard and casually bark a little at the passing night critters and WHOOOSH - complaints! Wish we could figure out how to work these machines and we'd crank up all the woos and direct them at a certain house in the neighborhood.

    Jed & Abby

  6. Well, there was enough there for me to freeze frame. Juno! Huzzy!

    Now, Loki, I was enchanted by your melodic voice. So expressive. And you had facials to go along with it. You certainly have a large vocal range. I have heard your soprano as well. You are a whole barbershop quartet in one.


    P.S. That was three minutes well spent.

  7. Woooo-ooo! Loki, that was professional enough to get woo qualified as an honorary Sibe! We're non-wooo-ers here, just lots of other Sibe sounds. But Moo says "I can woo if I want to".

    Jack a-roo

    Juno - woo & I could be a great tap-dance team!
    ~Miss Moo

  8. Woooo Loki what a star you are, I bet the Herd were proud of you. Our hu'parents have only managed to film us once singing, but they hear us everytime they leave the house. Maybe you could teach Juno, then again maybe not, there are no rules for us huskies, we do what we want when we want and that includes woooooing 🙂


  9. That is sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!! Loki is an AWESOME wooer!! How did I miss that Thunder Herd video . . . I'll have to go find it. I sometimes think Google Reader deletes some of my posts before I can read them.

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