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For the Ladies

For the Ladies

March 16, 2011
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Loki and I want to thank everyone who was worried about his broken wag. But fear not. It's only temporary. In fact, his tail is already at half-mast and half-wag. He's still sensitive to touch in that area, but full-mast tail motion is likely by Sunday. Let's just hope he didn't have a set back when he and Juno had a little "chat-chase" today on their walk.

Since his wagger is out of commission, he's happily wiggling his whole body in gratitude for all the friends who wish him well.

"This is for all the ladies out there who are worried about my wiggle...

"I still got it, babies."

"There are plenty of other ways I can wiggle and entertain you."

"And plenty of other parts that still work... Ladies..."

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18 comments on “For the Ladies”

  1. wooo makes me want to break out into song "wiggle it, just a little bit". Good to see you still wiggling crackpot 🙂

    And love the pic of you sticking your tongue out, way to go.

  2. You should have put up an "X" rated warning - we had to blind the Pest's eyes:) BOl - great post. It put a smile on everyone here.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. While Jed is happy to read that Loki's tail [a most important appendage] is on the mend, he begs to remind Loki that there are ladies present and a suggestive 'barre noire' hardly meets the case. ABBY, AVERT YOUR GAZE!!

    Jed & a slightly glazed-eyed Abby

  4. Sorry ot hear about your tail Loki but it sure looks like everything else is doing well. You do know that young and impressionable dogs watch your blog, don't you? I'm not ready to explain how puppies are conceived to MG yet.

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