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Beauty Queen

Beauty Queen

May 19, 2011
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Someone loves his Furminator.

"Do me a solid and make me pretty."

He sure has come a long way from the cracked-out dog who would bite me anytime I got near him with a Furminator three years ago. Now that he's growing in a thick GSD coat that gets itchy, he practically begs for regular furminations.

"Thanks, I needed that!"

I don't care if it's all the doggie-rage. A French manicure is out of the question.

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12 comments on “Beauty Queen”

  1. We love gettin' furminated! Ruby was the same when we first got her - "step away if you've got that yellow thing in your hand." She's a convert. Mostly because the boys totally showed her how great it is to be furminated 🙂

    I know Mango's said this before, but, "Loki, you could see those ears from space!!"

    Have fun!

  2. The Loki channel is broadcasting the benefits and joy of the Furminator. Our girl won't let us touch her but is an angel for the groomer. Silly girl. she loves massages but only with our hands. totally missing the joy of the Furminator..

  3. We have a furminator here too but Mom thinks it breaks our furs. And Thunder, who never complains about anything, cries when she uses it on him. And yet, we hear all about how wonderfully well it works for other breeds. Must be a sibe thing. Loki does look very handsome there.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Yet more proof Loki is totally cracker. (Although a very handsome cracker)
    Touch us with a furminator, and we'll see who gets de-fluffed! ON the other hand, use the Magic Brush….. we melt!

    jack & moo

    (Magic brush = pin brush from chris christensen, beloved by huskies everywhere!)

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