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Eye Candy

Eye Candy

March 26, 2012
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When we travel, Mr. Wild Dingo focuses on history and ancient sites. I focus on landscape, culture, city vibe, pretty things and cuisine. So other than my gluttonous indulgence in Italian cuisine, I had only one other mission going to Venice: glass. And lots of it.

So Mr. Wild Dingo took pictures of statues.

I took pictures of colorful gondolas.

Mr. Wild Dingo took pictures of architecture.

I took pictures of quiet lagoon alleys reflecting the buildings in its street.

And of tourists flocking with the St. Mark's pigeons.

And this array of limincello and grappa bottles. A three for one: pretty, glass and cuisine!

We visited Murano and saw some glass blowing. And Mr. Wild Dingo took pictures the guys making a plate and the end of a hot poker with the start of a new glass project.

I took a picture of this glass mosaic laughing horse.  I have no idea how it fits into either of our travel interests.  Had this been a Husky or a Formosan dog, our pocket books would be in serious trouble.

Still, we went home a few Euro's lighter.

Mission accomplished.


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5 comments on “Eye Candy”

  1. Love the horse, but ... 250,000 euros?!! Sure wouldn't want to even walk close to it lest the establishment has a 'you break it, you bought it' policy. Also interesting the first language on the 'do not touch' sign is Chinese or Japanese, and the second is English. Guess we know who the perceived klutzes are. All other warning languages are so small they are illegible. Those bottles were gorgeous; hope you brought some of those home with you, along with your other glass acquisitions.

    Jed & Abby

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