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Green Machine

Green Machine

March 28, 2012
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Many don't know this, but Juno is an avid recycler.  She was happy to discover Switzerland's strict recycling rules, such as separating all plastics, aluminum, glass and cardboard into separate bins.

The second week I was here, I made a big faux pas by tossing some used paper towels into the green trash bin without putting them in a trash bag first. Mr. Wild Dingo nearly had a melt down when he saw the trash men emptying our green bins by hand. "All non recyclable trash goes into government-approved black trash bags and no other kind of bag," he schooled me.

"The recycling bins specifically show in diagram, that the bottles must be crushed down. I'm just doing my part."

It's not uncommon to get a visit from the gendarmerie at home if they've discovered that you've tossed a recyclable into the trash instead of its proper place. Apparently, the recycling police will conduct random trash bag searches for evidence (bills, mail) pointing to whom the bag with said recyclable belongs. Then they will make a home visit and shame you into doing the right thing. It's not happened to us, but we've heard stories.

"I have no idea why nobody would recycle. It's so much fun!"

I supervise all of Juno's bottle recycling. We even make a game out of it. I remove the plastic cap and watch for any loose pieces, like the plastic ring, to come off so I can take them away and she can continue her job of crushing it down. She's never allowed to recycle without me.

"Every home should come with a Siberian Green Machine. And recycling wouldn't be such a chore."

Ya, because plastic recycling bottles are the only thing a Siberian will masticate. And that bi-annual coat blowing thing isn't really that much extra work.

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9 comments on “Green Machine”

  1. Wooo Juno your not just beautiful, you do a very important job and help your humans with the recycling. I do try every now and then but usually pick the wrong stuff to recycle BOL

  2. Juno, woo & I have SO much in common - I'm the bottle recycler here! Jack's does ok with yogurt containers, but he's really good at exterminating moles, voles, & other rodents!!! Which reminds me, I'll have to ask mom which bin the recycled rodents go in...

    Miss Moo

  3. 'Government approved trash bag.' Yep, you're not in Kansas any more! 😉 Back when we used plastic bottles (mostly in the motorhome), Abby and Fi were both avid recyclers. Now that I use washable water 'canteens' they do much less recycling. BTW, what's the policy on Danskos? How often are they supposed to be masticated recycled? *snicker*

    -Dr. Liz, who would like to borrow Jack from the above comment, as we have many rodents that need 'recycling'

  4. WE are all pretty good recyclers too, love to chew those plastic bottles. But one of us, the youngest one, likes to be the recycling bin as well - so NOT a good thing.

    Our city is really lame when it comes to recycling - pretty pathetic that it is voluntary.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. Gosh - your recycling police sounds pretty 'hard core' -

    The thing that really gets me is when you're really careful - like us - but then some idiots who walk past your house on a Fri or Sat night just chuck their empty beer bottles into your PAPER recycling - and then you get in trouble when it's not even your fault!!! 👿

  6. Miss Juno,
    That looks like a lot of work, but I suppose it is better than having the recycled police visit your estate. My goodness, they would have to arrest a lot of people in my hood.


  7. If the recycling police ever show up at your house, let Juno answer the door. With a plastic bottle in her mouth in the process of being masticated down to flatness. We're pretty lucky: our city provides each house with a huge, free recycling container on wheels and we can jumble all our recyclables together into the same container. They do the sorting. It's voluntary, but most people participate.

    Abby volunteers to help recycle rodents.

    Jed & Abby

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