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Shen Zen

Shen Zen

April 10, 2012
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"It is better to do nothing, than to be busy doing nothing."

I've had this knot in my stomach all week knowing I'd have to leave the cracker and the criminal at Bernard's doggie spa and camp this week. Bernard was fairly exhausted by Loki's crackery on the last stay. There are so many great things about Loki, like how gentle he is even with the most bossy, dominant little doggies.  But his own anxiety of being away from me in a strange location is over the top. So for over a month now, he's been back on his Chineese herbs, Shen Calmer. I ordered some from my vet in the States and I also found a source here in Europe that will sell direct to a customer.

As his handler, I can see that the Shen Calmer takes enough of the edge off his most fearful situations so that he can at least focus on me and a reward rather than the source of his anxiety. Even if it takes a handful of hamburger. But the average person handling him would never see that difference. So I'm not holding out great hope that it will control his constant crying when he's at Bernard's. This may be his last stay at Bernard's. Cross your paws that it's not. Because Bernard is pretty awesome. But I wouldn't blame him if he couldn't take another day of Loki's yipping.

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4 comments on “Shen Zen”

  1. We have our paws crossed that Loki is calmer at Bernard's. How very worrying for you.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie.

    Pee S. With reference to your comment on Molly's bird post. It was a Peregrine Falcon that had dined on a gull and left the feathers behind. Messy eater if you ask us!

  2. Oh, Loki...our paws are crossed that you'll be able to relax while your flock is away. Hey, Bernard is a cool guy, and there are all those other dogs there that you could herd. Just breathe...

  3. I have two crackers now, and I completely feel your pain! Morgan has taken crackery in the van to the point that I'm not sure I can handle traveling with her in two weeks on our trip. Kuster does great -- except when Morgan is in the van. When she starts carrying on, he tells her to shut up. So that means they're both back there sounding off. Can you send me a weekend's supply of herbs for three. I think I might need it more than the crackers. Poor Loki! I'd take him here if you were close enough, but I remember the measures you took to fly him over!

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