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Stuck in the '80's

Stuck in the '80's

May 21, 2012
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"Nice Tuff-Skins little fella," snorts Juno.

Leave it the husky to point out that some fashion trends in Switzerland never really leave.

Knee patches for children and elbow patches for adults are common and Switzerland.  Push scooters are also still popular, even with adults. Though that fad came and went in the States, I have to admit, they make a lot of sense in country where you do a ton of walking.

Low-rise jeans have taken off here as well, and just like in the States, there are more men and women wearing them who really shouldn't.  But I'm becoming numb to look of sheer stockings under Daisy Duke jean shorts worn in the spring or fall. I still can't decide what shoe of choice is my favorite for that look particular look: flat sneakers, strappy toe-less high heels or ankle boots. Picture any of those with shear or sometimes patterned shear stockings with Daisy Duke jean shorts.  Yup.  Tube tops are huge as well. So are the women who wear them. Magenta hair, and I mean literally dark pink, is popular with women in their 50's and 60's.

All these looks are as popular in the Pro-section of Lausanne as they are in the village COOP supermarket. Seriously.

Men with earrings including postmen, mechanics, doctors and bank managers are another popular trend. As my Canadian friend (and 10-year Swiss resident) Sylvie points out, "I suppose the earring is an indication of their very wild nature. Wild in Switzerland could be anything from crossing the street out of the authorized yellow zone to driving a car with an inch rust spot on it."

All that aside, being stuck in the '80's can have it's advantages. For example, Switzerland has never adopted GMO for it's food sources. Switzerland's take on GMO is if you can't prove it safe, then it won't allow it.  I guess that, plus the beautiful landscape is enough to make up for the fashionable eye-sore.

Now if I can just train my eyes to look at the mountains every time I see such a fashion faux-pas,  instead of gawking, maybe I wouldn't give away my own American culture.

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