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Key Elements of a Fluff

Key Elements of a Fluff

May 23, 2012
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Surprise: "What the heck just came out of my Jodhpurs?"

Embarrassment:  "Did anyone hear that?"

Denial: "These trees make the oddest sounds and smells."

Victory:  "Humans will believe anything."

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4 comments on “Key Elements of a Fluff”

  1. Funny..our girl does the same thing when it happens to her. We never hear or smell it but she jumps up and does a little twirl to check her bum. The boy...just lays there and silently gases us and then looks surprised when we say "Oh Mikey...did you have to." plus, I think he knows when one is coming and deliberately comes over right next to us strategically placing his bum aimed right at us to get maximum flow of the scent.
    The second picture of Juno makes her look almost wolf like. Her eyes are very captivating!!

  2. Abby ignores her farts. Fi looks totally mystified, like, "WTF?" We had a standard poodle whose farts actually made noise - not just the silent deadly kind - and he ALWAYS looked at his butt like it belonged to someone else. Poor guy was so dignified, I think he saw the noisy farts as something that should have been beneath him! 😉

    -Dr. Liz

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