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Bully Stick Therapy Fail

Bully Stick Therapy Fail

November 30, 2012
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It's been raining torrential downpour for two days now. We braved a walk yesterday and came home soaked to the bones. Loki begged several times to turn around, while Juno lobbied for a long walk. She's happy outside, no matter the weather. Loki is much more affected by it and isn't happy inside or out.

So today, we abandon our outdoor adventures.  And sadly he stares at his bully stick, in despair. Nothing replaces the joy brought from daily outdoor exercise.

"I can go from hugely cracker and entertaining to...really not. Yet, I am not manic-depressive. I just have a darker side."

"No bully stick in the world is enough to cheer me up."

"Really? My heart and belly seem to be connected just fine. If you don't want your bully stick. . .you can paw it over to me."

"Well, since it's here. . .  But I'm not going to enjoy it."

A pacifier fail.

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7 comments on “Bully Stick Therapy Fail”

  1. Hello Ms. WD,
    Loki does indeed look depressed... but I must say your photos are excellent. We need 16 in. of rain according to our weatherman. Something about a drought brought on by a winter with NO snow, a spring and summer with NO rain and scorching temps. It's always something. Are you glad to be back in the USA?

  2. Phoenix suggests a whole, peeled, hard-boiled egg to provide entertainment and lift the spirits. Or at least induce much comic behavior. (Really? You're a SHOW DOG and you're play bowing to an egg? This could explain a lot of our ring issues.)

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