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Whistling Dixie

Whistling Dixie

February 5, 2013
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"Daddy-O, I don't know what mom means by "fast." These last few weeks, she's been nothing but slow and boring."
"Cupcake, you ain't whistlin' Dixie. She hasn't even given my chompers a proper bitin' workout! How do you think a hep-cat like me keeps his smile sparkling white?"

It's been a rough couple of weeks for these two. Mr. Wild Dingo's been gone for over two weeks and neither of them received second dinner during my 10 day fast. The worst of it was no running for the husky. Though she had plenty of off-leash time, it's always better for her when we all run and pace each other. Poor cracker has taken it pretty hard too. Some nights he posted himself on the rug in the foyer facing the door hoping Mr. Wild Dingo would walk in. On the days I don't play tug with him, he can always find a tug partner in Mr. Wild Dingo. So now it's back to business as usual: long trail runs, daily tugs and hikes in exotic locations.  Not to mention second dinner. Even if it's just a green salad. Second dinner is second dinner. It's better than no second dinner.

Oh, and Mr. Wild Dingo arrives home tomorrow. We'll all be whistling Dixie again.

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3 comments on “Whistling Dixie”

  1. No wonder you've been able to do a 10-day fast... no Mr. WD! For all your sakes, I'm glad he arrives home SOON. Sounds like the universe is all askew over there.

    ~Jack & Moo (we'll send woo some second-dinner rations if this doesn't end soon, pups)

  2. So is it over? You survived? Now I am wondering if you were fasting or just too distraught over the absence of MWD to eat. No, probably not. Glad things are returning to normal.

    Mango Momma

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