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Long Live NitWit Bridge

Long Live NitWit Bridge

September 3, 2014
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Readers, it is with great sadness to announce the decommissioning of NitWit Bridge One (the original).


Nitwit One is down. Long Live NitWit Bridge!

As some readers may remember, I ran this month's header exactly 5 years ago with a little history of how NitWit Bridge came to be built. We had a lot of good times on this bridge. Loki and Juno learned to down and stay on the bridge. They learned to walk gently and Loki learned to hold his cool and not pull mom off the 40 foot high bridge just because he saw a trespassing stranger on the other side.

We knew NitWit One's time was coming to an end; we just didn't expect it so soon. So we built a second trail and for lack of a better name, we named it NitWit Too (Two). The new bridge is lower, wider and safer to cross. Much to my swimming husky's approval, it also allows easier access to the creek.


Amazingly, our flexible water pipe from the well did not break.  We called up our property and trail maintenance crewman who assessed the damage, tore down the rest of the bridge and secured our water line from future damage. But this left Mr. Wild Dingo very dissatisfied. He enjoys walking a loop on the property and with NitWit One down, that meant we wouldn't be able to complete a loop. Now I've been wanting to clean up this portion of the forest for a while and build even more trails, but Mr. "If it costs money the answer is no" Wild Dingo was obviously not interested. Until now.  So he and our trail builder scouted out a new location.  And they found some fantastic new areas for trails plus two new surprises which I hope to reveal next month.


"Hey Pop, can you sort out this mess with your Husky Tools so I can carry on with my walkies? Thanks. Thanks a lot!"


So, though I'm sad to see NitWit One go, we still have NitWit Too and this provides just the incentive for Mr. Wild Dingo to spend money on new trails.


Long Live NitWit Bridge!
September 2014


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