Channeling Gandalf


“You shall not pass!” 166/365

The cracker channels his inner Gandalf every day on our walks when he leaps ahead of me, whips himself around, and sits as a soldier at attention while staring at me with resounding conviction. I have two choices. I can laugh it off, make him turn around and march forward. Or I can give into his attempt at extortion and pay the bridge toll.

But I am weak. Who wouldn’t cave into a shakedown by the cracker?

Risks and Priorities


“Princess, before you leap into the weekend, I have to patrol the trail to make sure it’s safe.”

“Nonsense Big Boy! Haven’t you heard? Life is all about the risks! Let’s go for it! That is, after Mom gives us that treat she promised for waiting for her.”

That’s my Siberian. Always prioritizing treats above everything else!

Norstar Lights Up Nitwit

Norstar Lights up Nitwit Bridge – 097/365

Thank you Norwoood and Debi, for our Norstar! We use it to light up Nitwit Bridge. It reminds us to stay nutty because life really is just a bowl of funballs!.

Gone to the Goats


It’s that time of year again when the pasture at the end of NitWit trail becomes overgrown. Normally we use our fantastic land clearing crew who’ve not only developed Lower Nitwit trail but have been instrumental in keeping the property fire-safe. We were at a point though that it was becoming more difficult to manage through multiple weed whacking.  Mr. Wild Dingo and I were reluctant to use poison for 87,000 reasons, but mainly because we may use this area for agriculture some day. When I saw the ad for Hungry Goats mowing service, I called Mr. Wild Dingo and asked him what he thought of renting goats to mow the pasture. His answer:

“Let’s get our own goats!” Continue reading “Gone to the Goats”

If Not Nitwit Then What?


Long time readers will remember Nitwit bridge and trail. We constructed that trail and bridge to make it easy to avoid walking a dangerous country road where people drive much too fast. It’s a trail that leads up to another area of our property and out roads that have safe sidewalks for our local hikes and walks.  It’s also a trail that houses an underground pipe from our initial well to our water tanks.  Our property is essentially divided into 2 pastures with a lot of steep hillside forest and creek between them. Continue reading “If Not Nitwit Then What?”

Slippery When Wet

Two years away and a heavy rainy season has taken a toll on Nitwit Bridge. In the last month, I’ve slipped 4 times on this  the 40-foot high, 150 foot suspension bridge crossing. Obviously, none fatal, since I’m still here typing this. But enough to scare the bejesus out of me. Even the dogs tread very lightly over it. I usually walk single file, Juno leading and Loki behind me, on leash because the bridge is near busy road.  But even that can be tricky if I’m carrying mail from the mailbox or groceries back from the store on wet planks. Continue reading “Slippery When Wet”

Searching for NitWit En Suisse

We’ve been missing NitWit Bridge. Remember, our trippy trappy 90-foot long suspension bridge over a 40 foot drop to a river that we installed but did not engineer? (In other words, if we fell, it would be our own fault.)

We would cross it every day and sometimes we even proofed our down-during-a-recall on it! Oh those were our wild and crazy days. And we miss it madly. Now that we’re in a new country, we’ve been looking around for a bridge we can call NitWit so we can feel like it’s home.  

So we finally got around to trying a trail close to our house called the Trout Trail (Le Sentier de la Truite). It’s a nature trail along side a river of trout from Lully to Morges and St. Prex. We only did a short section of it. Round trip from our house is 1-hour. I’ve been wanting to hike it for a while but twice Loki freaked out and wanted to go home. In his defense, both days were hot and we didn’t have water. Continue reading “Searching for NitWit En Suisse”

Welcome Home Big Daddy!

After three long weeks, Mr. Wild Dingo returned home. Both dogs were ecstatic. Even Juno showered him with kisses and wiggles, though she usually saves them only for me. So yesterday we went on a family walk to the tree farm so we could show Big Daddy how well behaved these two could be off-leash.

Mr. Wild Dingo poses for the first shot off the top of our property near our well. Pretty soon, we’ll have to have it cleared for the summer for fire hazard and to keep the area open for future crops. The evil duo looks for deer on the trail above us. Continue reading “Welcome Home Big Daddy!”

NitWit Rapids

It’s been raining cats and dogs here in Northern California. Loki, Juno and I barely sneak out for an hour in between storms on our walks to the tree farm or school. NitWit Bridge has class 4 rapids running below it. Well, class 4 for a squirrel I guess since the river is a bit small. Regardless of it’s size, the river’s sounds are really loud which is kind of  awsome to hear on a hike just outside your back door.

Continue reading “NitWit Rapids”

Storm and Post-Storm Activities

The Internet Service is back! Woo hoo!  Hmm… Now what to do? What to do? Shall I start by catching up on work? Or shall I start by blogging about what we did during the two days with no power (though we have a kick-ass generator)  and no Internet?  Silly question!

During an emergency, a Siberian always knows how to quickly utilize “all” food sources.


“Blue tape! A rare delicacy!” Continue reading “Storm and Post-Storm Activities”

It’s a Ruff Life

Now that Wild Dingo’s readers have populated to the dozens, there’ve been a few requests to see NitWit trail, the trail that leads right outside our home to NitWit bridge, eventually to civilization and ends with a decision of where to explore for the day. The shots below were taken from a variety of walks during different parts of the day, so you’ll have to bear with the inconsistencies in lighting. Wild Dingo is not responsible for any boredom you may experience in reading this post.


Mr. Wild Dingo is annoyed. Having just ridden his bike 60 miles, he now has to pose for a mug shot. Life is ruff.

Continue reading “It’s a Ruff Life”

Training for NitWits

dsc02220-1Happy Friday! Loki’s released his first two short videos: Training for NitWits. Don’t try this at home kids.

Here are two videos of Loki doing a “down during a recall” exercise. One thing I learned is that it’s a lot harder to handle your dog and video at the same time than it seems. Body language and consistency is important so Loki hesitates in the second video because he can’t understand what my hand signal is telling him behind the video cam.

Loki & Juno get their awesome training from The K-9 Clinic in Correlitos. Go check them out! (Guess who built and maintains their site??)

Read more about NitWit Bridge’s story, how it got it’s name and with photos.

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Engineered for Nitwits


This month’s masthead feature’s NitWit Bridge. I’ve mentioned NitWit bridge a few times to friends and occasionally on this site. I even featured a few of the photos in an old gallery that no longer exists. But I never really told its story. I’ve neglected featuring photos or mentioning it because it was so closely tied to Maggie, the dingo and founder of Wild Dingo. You see, NitWit Bridge was aptly named by Maggie, as told in the story and photos below.

Continue reading “Engineered for Nitwits”