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A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

February 3, 2015
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The day starts out innocently enough. I get up, do a few light chores, prepare my daily pills and sit at my computer, already exhausted from the morning chores. After receiving their fair share of my buttered toast, Juno starts to goose me.

"It's time to go walkies, now," she tells me with a sparkle in her eye and a gently opened-mouth smile.

Most days, the idea of a walk is a challenge,  difficult at best. Still, nobody with a beating heart can resist her request. Each day, she does her best to convince me to go much longer than I'm prepared. Sometimes she's successful. Sometimes I have to break her heart.


These days the contractors are here working and preparing the land for landscaping and a small terraced orchard behind the house. Between Mr. Wild Dingo traveling 50% of the time and my downtime with Lyme, it took all of last year just to design and draft engineering documents. It's finally time for construction.  To begin, we cleared more junk trees to allow the gorgeous redwoods to stand majestically on their own and we opened another fire break road.  Opening more of the property always makes me happy.

Each day, Lily shows up with her Pop and the dogs get to gab and play. The dogs love the action and visitors. Juno especially enjoys new projects, new trails and new construction.


"Princess, Mom says these flags are for the orchard. What's an orchard for?"

Around 4:00, I plop down in the living room, hoping to catch a few z's. Juno saunters in, crying with glee. She paces around the sofa to the living room doors which open to the future terrace and Pergola. She cries again.

"No, Juno. I don't want to get up and open the door. I want to sleep."

She comes over and licks my face and cries again. Once more, it's impossible to resist her. I stretch over the sofa and open the door. She prances out happily. I watch her for a few moments before I settle back down into the sofa to close my eyes. Ever watchful, Loki follows her to makes sure she's not in danger.


 "Naturally, it's for me Big Boy. The flags show me where to hunt for moles and gophers. You know how much Mom loves it when I leave her a dead mole."
"Princess, you always have all the answers." 

I open my eyes to check on them and find them sunbathing in a dirt hole.  They seem content in spite of how less interesting their lives are now compared to my pre-Lyme treatment days. I smile knowing that they are life's great gurus.

Just a day in the life of the cracker and the criminal.


A Day in the Life
February 2015


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2 comments on “A Day in the Life”

  1. I have cabin-fever, as do my dogs, dealing with 2ft of snow in the yard. One of my 3 dogs love it, 1 tolerates it, 1 is so short she can't move in it! Needless to say, they have been pacing and whining; and my patience is dwindling.

    Thanks for the reminder how sweet they are...... how they make us get up and moving no matter what...... how empty life would be without them.

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