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Hello Monday

Hello Monday

April 27, 2015
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Hello Monday - 064/365

Ah Monday's. I choose Monday's to start my weekly infusions because, well, it's Monday and Monday's are notoriously known to be dreaded. So why not choose a Monday to schedule a herx and migraine?

It boggles my mind, the lengths I go through just to have a chance at being healthy and normal. Every month is something new to add to my medication and supplement routine. "How many more ways can Lyme find to violate my body," I ask my doctor.

First it was shots in the hip, then shots in the ass, then shots in the stomach and now I'm back to daily shots in the thigh. This is of course in addition to a new cocktail of IV drugs and several oral medications. Only nine daily meds and about 87 supplements and detox pills. There are also plenty of "unmentionable" treatments that would cause me to blush just typing them out. Lyme disease is definitely an ugly disease.

Thank dog and praise cheeses my Siberian is so understanding.

Juno Mastication

"I don't know what you're so upset about. I left your Dansko's alone. "

After an 8 hour-long day of driving and getting my first infusion for the week at my doctors, then running errands at 3 pharmacies to pick up my medical supplies, I came home to only one trash can overturned. The criminal was going easy on me knowing Monday's are especially difficult.

See Internet? It's not all negativity and bummerville around here. I do count my blessings!

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2 comments on “Hello Monday”

  1. Well, at least Juno is leaving those shoes alone, and she DOES make us smile:)

    Here's to a week that is at least in some small way a bit better for you.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

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