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The Shrake

The Shrake

April 28, 2015
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The Shrake - 065/365

Is that a rake or a shovel that Mr. Wild Dingo carries? Neither!

Introducing The Shrake, a brand new gardening product from Mr. Wild Dingo that’s perfect for trail maintenance in the tricky terrain of Santa Cruz Mountains. Never again, carry two tools when one will do! Don’t you just hate it when you’ve been raking downhill for several hundred feet and have to climb a steep terrain just to retrieve the shovel you left behind? The Shrake saves you time making your trail maintenance a breeze! You can even organize your own Shrake and Bake party for controlled leaf burn days.

Operators are standing by. Order yours now so you can Shrake it Off today!

Never fear, dear readers. There will be more shrake photos coming your way. Because nothing makes me giggle more than typing or saying "shrake." I think I need a shrakieotomy. 

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3 comments on “The Shrake”

  1. Incredible!!! We are going to put our order in for a few of those SHRAKES - what a great word:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

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