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Lyme + Flu = Bummin'!

Lyme + Flu = Bummin'!

April 5, 2015
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"I don't like it when you're sickie, Mommy." - 041/365

Poor Loki. He was worried because I didn't act like myself when I got out of bed Friday morning. Mr. Wild Dingo brought home a cold and flu from his Asia trip last weekend. But I didn't exhibit symptoms soon after he came home. Instead, I was having a flare in Lyme symptoms and once that resolved with a change in my meds, my immune system kicked back in--and boom!--by Thursday I started sneezing and coughing.  As I've written before, it's not like people with Lyme disease don't get colds or flues. They do. The body just can't respond when it's flaring with Lyme symptoms. Once the Lyme symptoms are addressed, the immune system can work normally and then the body can show that you have a cold!  Oh yah. 

It's interesting though that the more you get sick with flues or colds while having Lyme, the more you know your body and understand what's Lyme and what's not.  Because lets face it: in the general medical community, the first misdiagnosis for Lyme is a "summer cold" or flu. It's a tricky disease and the saying "You don't get Lyme until you GET Lyme" is fairly accurate.

I was stubborn and tried to walk the dogs.  I got 1/4 mile walk on our trail and had to turn back because I felt feverish with dizziness and headaches. Poor Juno. I had to get excited and tempt her with tricks and treats to get her to turn back on our path.

Sigh. I just got over the big blood clot fiasco and now this. While I'm happy I can get colds and flues again, I just was not prepared to feel shitty yet again. It's bad enough to battle Lyme everyday but to add the clot then the flu is just plain exhausting.


Another  flashback of my K9 bunnies at Fête de la Tulipe in Morges, Switzerland (2011). Je me manque la Suisse. - 042/365

So Mr. Wild Dingo walked the cracker and the criminal all weekend while I stayed in my jammies. By Sunday night, I cooked and baked some brownies. I'm almost back to my "Lymie-health" status, which is a good thing. How strange it is to wish that I was back to feeling Lymie!  Fighting Lyme is a really long battle, but I personally have met people fully recovered who've gone the similar treatment process. The one thing the blood clot event drove home though, was how easily something can go wrong in treating a complex illness like this and how fragile the human body is. Still, I'm a fairly strong and focused person. I will recover.

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4 comments on “Lyme + Flu = Bummin'!”

  1. It seems quite odd to say it, but yes, we too are glad you are back to feeling "Lymie". But we look forward to the day (soon, we hope) when you will just be saying how great you feel to be free of Lymie. Hang in there, you are one tough girl.

  2. You will recover!!! I'm sorry you've been so miserable. I'm glad you're feeling better.

    P.S. It might be obvious to you, but just in case I thought I would mention I'm reading your posts backwards hehe. Sorry!

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