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May 27, 2015
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Matilija poppies, native to Southern California and Northern Mexico. Sometimes referred to as “the fried egg plant.” 094/365

"Why are you too tired, to make dinner" Mr. Wild Dingo asked.

Sometimes he forgets it.

“Maybe because I’m on 9 medications for a multi-system infectious disease,” I reply.

I had a bit of a scare this weekend. I was so weak, my knees buckled and I couldn’t stand up. Keeping in mind that Herxes can be fatal and feeling guilty that I’m quite useless, I suggested, “Maybe I should ask the doctor if I should take a break for a week from this new medication.”

“No way,” he replied. “This is the most I’ve ever seen you herx,” (Again, he forgets that I spent last summer on the sofa.) “You need this medication. Push through it.”

Sometimes, he gets it.

If it’s one thing I know how to do, is push. I just hope he won’t mind picking up Chipotle for his dinner every night this week.

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3 comments on “Push”

  1. Hang in there..... better times are coming.

    Mr. Wild Dingo seems like a helluva guy. Try to overlook his "typical man" moments.

  2. Beautiful photo. Seriously, it's wonderful!

    Sorry that times are rough. I hope that the light appears at the end of the tunnel before too long.

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