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Daisies, Not Damocles

Daisies, Not Damocles

June 12, 2015
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Daisies - 110/365

I dodged a bullet yesterday. I had an ultrasound to re-check the DVT caused from a PICC line I had in March. The clot had run the length of my arm and part of my chest. It was resolved. As in: gone. Kaput. Vamos. My vascular doctor did not order the re-check. In fact, on my final appointment with him, he left me hopeless and told me that it would likely scar over and there was no point in reimaging the vein. That did not sit well with my team of LLMD and NDs. They ordered the re-check because knowing the state of my vascular health is important to my future treatment for Lyme and full recovery. I’m also elated that there is no Sword of Damocles hanging over my head and that there was no permanent damage to my veins.

My Lyme doctors treat the whole person uniquely and individually. In the Lyme world, no two people are alike and no singular treatment exists. Maybe I overshare too much of the woes of my illness, but much of what I’ve been through rings true about today’s healthcare system. It’s deplorable. You owe it to yourselves to have a doctor who treats the cause, and not the symptoms. For eight years, and 12 different doctors I would receive a shrug and a band aid for my symptoms until I became so debilitated I couldn’t function.

Functional medicine is an emerging field as a practice that treats the patient as a whole, unique individual that looks for and treats the cause of disease, not just the symptom. It’s not easy, but you can find a functional MD or ND. I truly hope our healthcare system moves in this direction, not just for Lyme but for every illness.

Why the daisies? Daisies are happy and being happy is good for your cardio-vascular health!

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2 comments on “Daisies, Not Damocles”

  1. We are so glad that you are finally getting the care you so need and deserve. Mom says she is going to have to remember that term - functional medicine.

    Those daisies are just incredibly beautiful.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

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