Daisies, Not Damocles

Daisies – 110/365

I dodged a bullet yesterday. I had an ultrasound to re-check the DVT caused from a PICC line I had in March. The clot had run the length of my arm and part of my chest. It was resolved. As in: gone. Kaput. Vamos. My vascular doctor did not order the re-check. In fact, on my final appointment with him, he left me hopeless and told me that it would likely scar over and there was no point in reimaging the vein. That did not sit well with my team of LLMD and NDs. They ordered the re-check because knowing the state of my vascular health is important to my future treatment for Lyme and full recovery. I’m also elated that there is no Sword of Damocles hanging over my head and that there was no permanent damage to my veins. Continue reading “Daisies, Not Damocles”

Something’s Buggin’ Me

Something’s Buggin’ Me – 107/365

Something’s bugging me and it’s not the fact that the bug in that photo is slighly out of focus.

A few months ago, my brother of TravelMarx, had a bad flu or virus. Despite having a flu vaccination, his illness was out of the ordinary, symptoms were severe and hung on longer than usual so he went to the doctor. His doctor brushed it off as a flu, made him feel that he was a hypochondriac and sent him home, with no testing. The flu-like symptoms eventually went away. Continue reading “Something’s Buggin’ Me”

Economizing Gut Health and Dog Treats: Part 1

What did you say? No more treats?
What do you mean, Poppy says you can’t buy us anymore treats? What did we ever do to him to deserve that kind of punishment?

I know what you’re wondering Internet: What does economizing, gut health and dog treats all have in common? Hold on to your hats because I’m about to show you how you can improve your gut health, shower your best fur-friends with delicious treats AND save money. This is no gimmick. It’s real. And it’s totally awesome-balls. So read on and be prepared to get your mind blown with easy, cheap, good health for you and your dogs! Continue reading “Economizing Gut Health and Dog Treats: Part 1”

Salt Water Therapy

La Mer

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

I needed to hear and read this. Yesterday’s tragedy in Boston felt like the cherry on top of the pile of human and animal horrors posted daily on Facebook and other social networks. I’d been feeling blue lately, dragged down by all the negativity swirling around in cyberspace. When I first met Mr. Wild Dingo, I was shocked to learn that though he’s always up  to speed on every current event, he never watched the evening news. And now I know why. It drains you of hope, progress, productivity and just generally feeling good. The most successful people I know don’t have time for negativity or anger.  They move forward and stay focused on their goals.  The sooner we do that, the better.

It’s Not About the Drug, Silly

It’s hard to believe a dog who exhibits such strength and confidence, ok, over confidence, can suddenly turn into a ball of mush, eyes filled with fear and looking to me make him feel better.

Last weekend we had a big scare. Normally, the dogs have taken Interceptor for their heartworm medication. When we moved to Switzerland, we learned there was no heartworm there so they did not take it the first year there. The second year, I put them on a European heartworm prevention simply because we were traveling south more often with the dogs where heartworm was prevalent. They took it with no problems. Continue reading “It’s Not About the Drug, Silly”

Let’s Go Crazy

This month’s header is dedicated to my favorite song by Prince that I’ve been playing on my iPod whenever I ride the indoor bike trainer.

Shortly after returning home from Istanbul, I got serious about solving my health problems. I was pretty sick this summer before my London trip in July.  Remember how I fell asleep at Tate Modern? In August, Mr. Wild Dingo had to drag my ass around the ruins in Istanbul trying to ignore my sour puss from the constant joint pain, exhaustion and my inability to focus on anything interesting.  When we came home, I could barely bring myself to even write this blog. September was a record low for me of only 4 posts. Continue reading “Let’s Go Crazy”