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Going Off Campus

Going Off Campus

June 27, 2015
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Flashback Friday (2 years ago): Bottoms Up! 124/365

I haven't been to the ocean in a while. I tried several times when I started treating Lyme, but the sun and the reflections off the water set off my neuro symptoms so badly that I've avoided it for about a year now. An odd thing about having Lyme disease is that you don't miss things that you once enjoyed because the pain brought on by doing them is just too strong. It's a bit like how it becomes easy to avoid foods that you once loved but now cause so much inflammation. I know I should feel sad about missing the ocean, but I feel indifferent. I do feel sad about not  giving my dogs more variety.


Taking a rest during a forest hike 125/365

It's been about a week since I've been off IV medication and I told myself I would take them off campus during my IV hiatus. I'm still dealing with a ton of recovery and exhaustion, but I forced myself to do a day trip hike on a relatively simple trail without too many hills. The dogs were thrilled to be going off campus and hiking on a trail they've not visited in a long time. I spent a whole day recovering from a simple 4-mile walk, too weak to move much or even speak. Mr. Wild Dingo can tell you, when I'm speechless, I'm quite sick.  While I walk about 3 miles per day with the dogs around the 'hood, getting in a car, with a crate and the cracker, and driving 30 minutes just adds to depletion of the little energy I have. Still, seeing them prance about on trails they know and love and their happy smiles makes it all the worth while. This week, Mr. Wild Dingo is home and we're already planning a "Family Day" hike off-campus.  The dogs will be thrilled.

I don't miss specifics like riding bikes or visiting the ocean, but I do miss having a life.

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4 comments on “Going Off Campus”

  1. My guess is that on some level you know that your neuro symptoms will get triggered. When you feel better, you'll know, and begin to miss things like the ocean. Otto sends Juno a kiss and Loki a play bow...Ruby is just commiserating about not feeling great and not missing stuff too much. Just kinda loving hanging out...

  2. Love those two furry butts:) Thinking good thoughts for you to be able to enjoy more of those off campus opportunities.

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