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Gratitude for Fostering and Rescuing

Gratitude for Fostering and Rescuing

June 1, 2015
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Loki and I thank everyone on Facebook for his well wishes on his anniversary yesterday. We were overwhelmed! But he reminded me that his anniversary is not just about him (my bad for overlooking this), but about all those who rescued him, believed in him and played a big part in him becoming the fantastic dog he is today. So please indulge one more photo of Handsome as he and I thank Candy for getting him off the streets in Taiwan and recognizing his loyal and loving character; AHAN the organization of women that made it financially possible to come to the United States to be fostered; and Cindy his last foster mom, who recognized his ability to love, learn and do the right thing.  It was Cindy who gave him the structure he needed for becoming a great dog. If it wasn’t for all of these women, who’ve given so much to the dog rescue, he wouldn’t be here today. For that he thanks you all and sends you all many kisses and “arrgghhh” as he bashfully hides his head between your legs.   Two paws up for rescuing and adopting!

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