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Happy Loki-versary!

Happy Loki-versary!

May 31, 2015
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Happy Loki-versary! Seven years adopted, Eight years of age. 098/365

Seven years ago, you came into our lives full of anxiety and a bit of an emotional mess. All you wanted was your own person and a place to call home. So much so, that it took me months to get you to go on walks and leave the place you felt safe. For the first 2 years, you bounced around the house, cracked-out, searching for your purpose but always eager to learn.  You desperately wanted to do the right thing.  For all the things you did wrong, there were so many more important things you did right, like saving our garage from burning down and reminding me to shut and lock the garden door at night when I was home alone.  I cherish this zany journey with you. You’re more than a best friend. You’re family. And we’re lucky to have you.

Happy Anniversary Handsome!

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2 comments on “Happy Loki-versary!”

  1. He truly IS so very handsome!!! Happy Loki-versary!!! You found the best home you could ever have.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

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