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Today I Am Reminded She is Siberian

Today I Am Reminded She is Siberian

August 22, 2015
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I am Siberian Husky - 181/365

Two things Siberian huskies are known for: grudges and drama. She said "no" to a Salmon dinner, jerky treats and turkey breast. She whined and paced all day into the evening. And she watched the door for Mr. Wild Dingo. A surprising behavior given her complex relationship with him. I can only imagine she wanted things to fall into normalcy. For him to be home snacking on Parmesan and crackers with her.  And for me to be cooking in the kitchen where her nose can pick up the aroma of her "second dinner." Of all nights, he was very late coming home, which only distressed her more. Finally, she decided left-over Bolognese Ragu would suit her for dinner. I didn't argue. She needed something in her belly for the antibiotics.

When he finally arrived home, she put extra effort into her "keep away from poppy" game, this time extra anxious to stay away from him. Then she settled into a corner where he could make over her. Over and over he told her she was a good girl in a quiet voice while she buried her head into him and cried about her drama of the day. She quieted for just a little while. He took out the "cheeses"---the cottage cheese---which he brought home as a last ditch effort to get her to eat and for adding probiotic in between the antibiotic meds. She leapt up with a wide smile on her face lapped it up with joy. When it was time for bed she wouldn't settle. She paced and whined until 1:00 AM, when I gave in and called the vet on duty where she had her surgery. We went through a list of Loki's anti-anxiety meds and decided on a med and dose to give her so we could all get some sleep. When I hung up the phone, I saw her fast asleep, at last, outside my office. I camped out on the couch until 3:00 AM when she came to me and told me she was ready to join the boys upstairs.

As I groggily climbed the stairs to bed, I smiled to myself. Today I had a real Siberian husky.

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4 comments on “Today I Am Reminded She is Siberian”

  1. Our Australian Shepherd is 10 years old and when nervous pees in the house or destroys furniture, pillows, sheetrock, wood stairs. Worst part is, we are never quite sure what will make her nervous! I adopted her at age 2 1/2 after she was rejected by 3 homes, knowing full well her peculiarities. She is also the sweetest dog on the planet, which makes up for all the drama.

  2. Poor Juno - Ciara goes through those same phases of anxiety and sadly they often turn into a seizure:( But you just gotta love 'em for who they are.

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