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As the Lyme Brain Turns

As the Lyme Brain Turns

September 26, 2015
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Juno shares my sentiments on a bad Lyme-day.  214/365

Juno shares my sentiments exactly when I wake up, after having only 3 hours of sleep, with my heart racing like I'm at the start line of a bike race and a migraine brewing.  Thank dog and praise cheeses for my siberian husky who makes me smile in spite of it all.  I had to drive to my doctor's office on Thursday in this condition. That's the problem with invisible illnesses. You have to keep on keeping on despite how bad you feel.


My brain on Lyme Disease -- 216/365

This is my brain with Lyme--obscure, opaque, out-of-focus. Mr. Wild Dingo found another brand new item, an unopened jar of grain-free jerky dog treats,  in the trash yesterday. I wonder if I toss my brain in the trash if that will stop the daily Lyme brain episodes?

"This is the sickest I've ever seen you," said my doctor. I had an elevated fever, a full on migraine and was curled up in the recliner in the waiting room. Funny, this is not the sickest I've ever been. I've been much worse.  Lyme disease is like that. People can catch you on days where you appear normal or they can catch you like you're on your deathbed.

So the plan is to take a 4 day break from one of my meds and to pump my system with 2 weeks of IV Glutithione and Methyl B12 shots in the booty. I'll appear to be superwoman by the time they see me next. But that will also be taken reservation, because Lyme is fickle like that. It will be back. Just as sure as the focus is out in this shot.

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