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Chicken Marsala

Chicken Marsala

December 20, 2015
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Chicken Marsala with reduced Marsala wine, infused with porcini mushrooms.
- 301/365

I've made a lot of different versions of Chicken Marsala. Most recipes call for only one pan and are relatively fast and easy to make. This recipe calls for a lot of pots/pans but it's the worth effort. Building flavors independently always trumps a one-pot meal where everything is often cooked at once or together. That's why Julia Child's Boeuf Bourgignon is so amazing. It requires at least 87 pots and pans and a minimum 5 hours in the kitchen. But the result is unlike anything else. 

This recipe above involves reducing and infusing the Marsala wine with porcini mushrooms, which are then tossed out. It's reduced again with the addition of chicken broth and set aside. In another pan, you brown some floured chicken breast cutlets (filet to even thinness), which are then removed. In the same pan, the cremini mushrooms are infused with pancetta and removed. Then the final step is building the final sauce in the same pan, by first quickly sauteing tomato paste, garlic and shallots. Then, the reduced Marsala sauce is added to the pan,  plus a little more Marsala with oregano and a touch of lemon juice. The cutlets are added back in to simmer for 3 minutes and removed again and placed in a serving dish. The sauce is finally finished by adding back the cremini mushrooms and pancetta, with lots of butter and parsley then spooned over the cutlets.


I served it with a simple side salad as we're reducing are starch intake lately. But this would work nicely with roast potatoes, risotto or even wild rice as another side. I can't share the recipe as it is published in Cook's Illustrated's latest magazine and online.

Totally check it out! And yes, the pups each got their own cutlet!

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3 comments on “Chicken Marsala”

  1. One of Mom's favorite meals, but hers never looks as good as this does!! Drooling for sure.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

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