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Spring is Already in Progress

Spring is Already in Progress

February 10, 2016
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Creeping Rosemary 351/365

Ack! It's February and the temperature here in the Bay area are already in the 70's! I'm not ready Internet! Go away blooms!


Spring Flowers in February 354/365

It's too soon! Please send more rain and cold days for at least another month. The husky is demanding it!



Fungus on a dead tree trunk 352/365

I pass this tree trunk every day on our trail and this fungus fascinates me. It's growing an multiplying every day. I have shot it multiple times but had a great difficulty getting a shot that depicted it's beauty since it's in a very dark forest. At least the forest thinks it's still winter, as it's still cold and damp on NitWit trail.

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2 comments on “Spring is Already in Progress”

  1. Could you send some of your early spring weather to us in Maine? Walking Angie (our crazy wheaten) this morning at zero (with no breeze) was an improvement vs. yesterday's four below zero (and a stiff breeze). We will take it if you can send it..

  2. Wow that last picture is so cool! I was welcoming the early spring until we started getting buckets of rain dumped on us... ugh... we are going to have five days straight of rain (up to 8 inches) and then a day break and right back to the rain. I'm so sick of the mud!! It's going to be knee deep before I see the sun again... ahhhh!!!!!! I hope you and Juno got at least another month of cool weather.

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