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Juno's Roar

Juno's Roar

February 11, 2016
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"My name is Juno. Hear me ROAR!"  (In a barely audible whisper: "roar.")

Juno rarely barks. When she does, we giggle. Because it's an adorable, wee, high-pitched beep that doesn't seem to fit a tough Siberian husky. Juno is likely the sweetest dog I've ever known. The only things that should fear her are buttered baguettes, live chickens and moles. Because damn, when those Sibe eyes fixate on any of those, they aren't getting out of it alive. But everyone else: feel free to giggle.  


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One comment on “Juno's Roar”

  1. I was the same way with Storm. She had such a high pitched, girly bark! Her howl on the other hand was so deep and hair raising. I loved it! I'm glad I eventually got it on video. I miss her so much.

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