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He's a Banana Head with Cracked Out Moves

He's a Banana Head with Cracked Out Moves

March 10, 2016
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Big Sigh of Relief! X-rays and vet exam show the cracker (who's been nursing a back leg owie for weeks) does NOT have a torn cruciate ligament, nor does he have arthritis, bone cancer or any bone fragmentation. Whatever Loki's doing to his back leg via his banana-head zoomies, is muscular. Rehab at Sage Veterinary Physical Therapy is already scheduled. Jill is ready to give him lots of physical torture, err, I mean therapy. Boo-wa-ha-ha-ha. The Whole Pet Vets claim he was a very polite and gentle boy the entire time. I guess I'm the only one who brings out the cracker in him.


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6 comments on “He's a Banana Head with Cracked Out Moves”

  1. Great news!

    And what is a "banana head zoomie"...

    Can we get a photo of the upcoming Cracker "torture" on an upcoming post?

  2. Oh, that is such good news!!! We bet that Cracker Dog brings you lots of smiles:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  3. hello loki its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am verry glad yoo do not hav all those other things!!! and it is okay to hav moovs like cracker i am pritty shoor the faymus minstrels maroon 5 hav a song abowt that!!! ok bye

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