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Good to Go

Good to Go

June 17, 2016
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On Monday, the cracker was given two thumbs up from his surgeon. Loki's re-check x-rays showed the bone is healed from the #TPLO surgery and there's no inflammation in the patella which meant he did not over-do himself during recovery. It's a miracle! Actually, he exceeded my expectations in staying quiet during recovery. I even stopped sedating him after week 3 though they recommend sedation the entire 8 weeks so the dog doesn't over use the leg. I think he intuitively knew he wasn't supposed to move much so stayed on the infrared Biomat until about week 5. By week 7 we granted him off leash access to the garden and now he's allowed to patrol 24/7. Good to go and none too soon. I actually need him to patrol the fruit trees for crows. There's nothing he loves more than telling off a crow. Go get 'em Loki!


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