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Glamorous Life

Glamorous Life

July 10, 2016
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IMG_6960-1 Per Dogtor's treatment orders, I had to flush the cracker's willie with Chlorhexidine to treat a small infection. He didn't love it, but he didn't try to bitey me. The cracker is getting soft in his older years.

I could never get Loki to perform the roll over trick that Juno does. He's done it once or twice. The best I can get him to do is the "Bang! You're dead," trick, which is quite hilarious because he complains about being shot every single time I shoot him but he eventually goes down for me.  Since we put our grass in, I actually caught him rolling and scratching his back in it. So now he knows that I know he can "roll over." I cued him, he complained and actually rolled over in the grass. Smart dog, always knew the cue, but just didn't want to do it and now he knows I know he can do it so he complains but does it. Someone in our house has to complain about something. It may as well be him.


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