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Scent of a Siberian

Scent of a Siberian

July 27, 2016
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There's a new boy in the 'hood. While Loki was recovering from knee surgery, Juno got to know the new young stud on our walks.


Orion was smitten with my kitten and always invited her to play.


It didn't take long for Juno to fall hard for this fellow and now every time we walk this route I have to drop the leash. She pulls fast and hard, crying with glee,  while running toward her new beau's digs. They have a short game of fence chase and then Juno always turns around and offers him the scent of her jodhpurs. What a flirt!


When Loki returned to walkies, he had a few words with Orion about dating Juno without his consent. But he's over it and now we all share a snack while he chaperons Juno on all her dates with Orion.

Here's a quick look at one of Juno and Orion's dates:


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3 comments on “Scent of a Siberian”

  1. Loki, a guy just like him lives on my street. Twice I've run out the front door to EAT him. I've got your back dude. Juno...I'm disappointed in your taste.


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