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Garden Visitors

Garden Visitors

September 22, 2016
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Meet Thomas the Terrorist


And his sisfur Cococabana

How lucky am I that I had these two adorable, Internet stars visit me last weekend? They heard Lyme Disease was giving me a rough time so they made the road trip to try to terrorize or giggle the pesky spirochete out of my brain. What a joy to watch these two San Francisco city pups waddle and romp around the garden taking in country smells! The cracker and the criminal seemed to enjoy having the wee visitors around too, even though the cracker displayed a solid example of why we call him the barbarian. Still, he managed to nicely herd Miss Coco on Nitwit trail when her little legs kept her falling behind. And we all enjoyed having them visit. There may have been some prosciutto and gluten-free pizza shared among the pups.  Nothing says bonding like sharing prosciutto.

Thank you to my friend Laura, the pups' super mom,  for making the big drive for a really fantastic day. I'm still smiling about it!  But now I want another dog.


Yup, it's true. Loki was a fairly decent host up until they had to leave and he managed to loudly show why we call him the barbarian. Thomas was a bit nerved for a few minutes, but we gushed over him, while Loki cooled his jets in a time-out. Then like a true terrorist, Thomas was all, "Whatever Loki, I'll do whatever I damn well please!" Good on you Tom-Tom!


But I have to admit, he and Loki share one thing in common: the fear of flies. Above, Thomas hides under a wicker chair from a passing fly. "I'm not coming out until that fly is gone," claims Thomas.


"I'm perfectly comfortable here for the rest of my life. I swear to dog. I'm fine, really."

Whenever a fly enters our house, Loki will literally sequester himself in the dog tree house until his knight in shining armor (that would be me, minus the armor) gallantly kills said fly. Then I literally have to show him proof of the dead fly's body before he comes back inside. I'm so not joking, Internet. He has to look at and sniff the body.


Thomas is a bit more stubborn. "I don't fall for that," says Thomas. "Once you see one fly, they come in armies, out to get me!"


Meanwhile, Coco could care less about flies or anything else as she bravely waddles her feathers around the garden looking like a super model. And just like the attitude of a super model, she gets a bit upset about leaves that stick to her tail feathers. "I shampoo with only the most organic shampoo and conditioner. Like I'm gonna let some dirty leaves mess with my feathers," says Coco.

Seriously, Internet. I want another dog, or two. Or 87. I need a long haired dachshund, a Yorkshire terrorist and a corgi. I really need them. Like I need a hole in the head.


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