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Loki and The Back Creek Band

Loki and The Back Creek Band

September 6, 2016
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When I posted the memory about Loki teaching the two packs of coyotes to sing in our forest, I had a few people ask for videos. So for weeks, I've been trying to record the coyote pack singing with Loki.  It's harder than you think. A siren goes by, sets off a dog and the pack, you run for the video and it's over. Also, the coyotes stopped singing for a while, so I thought they moved on. The other morning while gardening, a siren went by and set off Loki's solo. As soon as the coyotes chorus started, I scrambled for the iPhone, hence the vertical shooting. Only one pack was singing with him. The other pack, usually a bit more off to the right of the video, must have moved on.  However, shortly after the video, another siren went by and the two packs of coyotes started singing, so they are still there.

Enjoy a clip of Loki and The Back Creek Band. They will be coming to a forest near you.


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