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Adorableness Will Get You Everywhere

Adorableness Will Get You Everywhere

October 12, 2016
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Poor Joannna. She's getting rather attached to this place. As usual, Bob brought his trusty assistant Joanna, the poodle mix to my monthly IVIG appointment. When it was time to leave, instead of quickly hopping in the car worried about being left behind, she decided to run around the garden avoiding the car at all costs.


When Bob picked her up, she threw a temper tantrum crying and yelping, "Oh my DOG! The dogmanity! Don't take me! I don't wanna leave!" I would feel totally flattered but I know it's all about the location, not about how cool I am.


"I heard on TV celebrities can do this anytime I want to." Poor Loki. I had to explain to him, only orange Cheetos who don't pay taxes think they can do this anytime they want to. He should behave like a gentleman. Which he did right after I explained to him that it's not cool to behave like a hideous, belligerent demagogue without a moral compass.

Adorableness will get you everywhere. Insecure bullishness will get you nowhere.


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