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October 27, 2016
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I'm not the same woman he married 15 years ago. We blissfully started our lives together as an active, social couple who enjoyed the outdoors. Neither of us could have foreseen the endless health challenges that would completely turn me into quite the opposite. But we face them together and he's been a rock through it all. Crossing boundaries he's never dreamed of so soon in our life together.  Never questioning my limitations. Standing up for me when I am unable. Always my champion.

It was sheer luck for me that I chose a Sierra Nevada beer over a glass of white wine the day we met. That small choice put him on a determined path to our wedding day. While I can no longer drink beer, I raise my glass to my husband, who's weathered unbelievably challenging times with patience, compassion, humor and fortitude. I couldn't find a better man for me even if I built one myself.  I hope 15 years from now we'll not only be wiser, but more spirited than we are both now and when we began our lives together.  Happy Anniversary honey! Love you to the moon. Fifteen years have gone by too quickly. Let's take our time with the next 15, o.k.?

To heck with crystal, get me another dog!

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