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The Original Angry Birds

The Original Angry Birds

October 29, 2016
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"Nothing ruffles my feathers more than other hummers poaching my nectar."

All summer, it's a regular Hummar War around my house. I always see photos of hundreds of hummerbirds happily sharing meals on one or two feeders all over the hummingbird forums that I read. Not at my house. Nothing but guarding and all out wars among them.


"You don't forget the face of the hummer who ate the last drop."  Yup, they may have inspired not only "Angry Birds" but The Hummer Games, err, The Hunger Games.


He spotted a rival just below him, plundering the sacred nectar. Family-style meals were not his thing. HBO words chirped between them.  "Take one more sip of that nectar and it's lights out for you," he threatened.

See? Hummers are badass.


Meanwhile, I've been waiting for this ALL summer long! I bought this rather loud-looking birdbath because so many people on the forums showed how successful they were at attracting tons of hummingbirds as well as other birds to it. But none of my local hummers took a modicum of interest. Finally, a hummer shows up to take a bath--in cold weather.  Hummers do whatever they damn well please.  They must share genetics with Huskies.


"Why are you having me mount this silly swing," he asked. "They will never use it," he said.  Husbands know everything.

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2 comments on “The Original Angry Birds”

  1. hello wild dingo its dennis the vizsla dog hay no wunder hummingbirds hav sutch sharp littel noses i bet they ar konstantly sordfiting eetch other they ar so ill temperd!!! but pritty!!! ok bye

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