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Loki-Speak Spoken Here

Loki-Speak Spoken Here

April 21, 2017
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Sometimes I think Loki is so bonded to me because I'm one of the few who understand Loki-speak. Being understood when you look and sound like a brute must feel extraordinary.

A few weeks ago, during the storms, Loki paced the room. Unable to settle into his bed, he stared at me with sad eyes, asking to sleep with me (Mr. Wild Dingo was traveling). I have a "no dogs on bed" rule, because though they are both on flea/tick prevention, I have enough health problems to risk it. Also, in aging dogs, jumping on/off beds can lead to disc rupture and I have to stay half-awake to assist Juno (with hip dysplasia) if she decides to jump off. That night he needed that rule broken. He was fearful and wanted to cuddle. So, I got up, put an old sheet on top of the comforter & invited them both up. The next night was quiet but he tried sad eyes again on me; he was playing me. I told him, "no, go to bed,” which he did. He always does what I ask unless there’s a problem. It's my job to translate the problem.

We all remember Loki's dislike of flies, so Mr. Wild Dingo and I take plenty of caution to rid any rooms in the house of flies. Recently, one night he refused to come into the bedroom at all. He stood in the hall for 30 miutes looking in with big whale eyes. I ended up sleeping on the sofa with him. The next morning, Mr. Wild Dingo had found the tiniest fly, dead by the window. We failed to see or hear it. Poor Loki, with those huge ears that can pick up sounds on Mars, heard it just fine. He sure hates flies. As usual, I have to kill any fly in a room, show it to him, before he'll enter. But since we didn't see or hear it, he and I slept downstairs.

A few weeks ago, he came in from a rain storm, soaked to the bone. I was busy in my office. He goosed me with his pointy nose and pressed his body next to my legs. He needed something. So, I got some towels and dried him off. He gave me a kiss in gratitude, then settled down, completely satisfied. I went back to work.

I marvel about the nuances of the communication between us. Most people who meet Loki at best see a cracker dog with a scary bark. Others are terrified. Recently, we had 3 dinner guests, one of whom practically mind-melded with Loki. He recognized this rarity and glued himself to her giving cute groans of delight. There's nothing Loki values more than people who get him. Dogs do speak. You just need to know how to listen.


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  1. Oh, I liked this a lot. Our Chessie, a rescue sibe, has been with us for a year and a half. She has the most eloquent eyes and conveys her needs easily if we take the time to just look at her.

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