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Year: 2017

Devious Adventures in Gardening

April Showers bring Chive Flowers Aging is a work of art. But every creation goes through that awkward phase. Tacit sorrows: Is it weird that my onion made itself cry? Raindrops on an unopened chive's allium flower/seed pod. Manic Magnolia -- Magnolia season is already at an end. Boo hoo. Like the cherry tree, their […]

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Sometimes Crime Does Pay

"Hey Daddy-O! Mom looks like she's packin plenty of profit in those high pockets. How about you put your paw down and demand a toll for this bridge?" "Don't worry Princpessa, it's in the bag. She's an easy mark, a real rube. We're big rough wild dogs and crime is the price she pays. There's […]

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April Fools

I don't know about you all, but I'm feeling nostalgic for the days of when wearing Mom Jeans was the big scandal in Washington. (Thanks Obama!) It's exhausting waiting for this administration to implode. Of all the changes that this administration is doing, climate change policies and EPA-gutting seem the most serious to human beings. Everything […]

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Random Reflections

A redwood reflection in the bloom of the nectarine tree. This tree in flower bloom is superb! I had no idea. The boy in the blueberry bush bubble. The cracker photobombed me again. He just has to be the center of attention. Nothing wrong with that!

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Fairy Facts

The Bay Area housing crisis has finally affected Fairies. Fairy condominium complexes have sprung up all over Santa Cruz Mountains in tight locations trying to pack in as many fairies as possible. If you’re looking for Fairies, here’s a brilliant, highly-scientific article about finding fairies nearby with excellent advice for how conduct yourselves among fairies. […]

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Days of our Chives

Life is is filled with infinite choices. With  Lyme disease, your choices are ruthlessly limited. I’m always measuring how many matches are in my book and deciding on how to use them. I don't get to cram in as much as a normal person can in a day. Instead, I basically have to choose one or […]

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Nectar Belly

This big boy kept me company every day this winter. During a long down time from Lyme disease, I'd lay on the sofa and watch him. He'd sit on this perch for hours, as long as the nectar was flowing. We named him Norm, because, well, he looks like Norm Peterson. "Norm! What's shaking?" "All four […]

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Bloomin' Magnolia

I should have taken advantage of the rain this winter practicing rain drop photos, but Babesiosis is a bitch. Sometimes I think if it were only *just* #Lymedisease and *just* Borrelia I had to manage, it would be a piece of cake. I've made tons of progress treating Lyme-MSIDS & CVID these past 3 years. […]

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Happy National Puppy Day

It's National Puppy Day! Here's Loki, aka: The Cracker, when he was just a wee thing in Taiwan, sometime in 2007. Even as a puppy, his penetrating eyes impart a heartbreaking story of abandonment, fear, anxiety and a desperation to find *his* person—one who spoke his language so many before misunderstood—to whom he’d gift his […]

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Bloomin' Magnolias

Our Saucer Magnolias are in bloom. It’s hard not to smile a mile wide when you see a magnolia in bloom. Downtown, most trees are in full bloom, while ours up in the mountains are still opening. The history of the ancient species magnolia is as fascinating as it is beautiful. Fossilized specimens date back […]

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