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Love Shy Mondays

Love Shy Mondays

April 29, 2019
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"No! I won't look on Monday! I just won't!"

This is how Loki greets me and pretty much anyone he really likes. He's always been shy at showing his affection. He's confident in showing other emotions, such as joy, anger, sadness, annoyance, or fear. I could write a book on all the ways he fearlessly defended me against real threats or brazenly manipulated me with sad eyes. With love though, he's like a little boy embarrassed by his own affection. Every day, he snuggles his nose in between my thighs for as long as he needs to, whether I'm petting him or not. I have no idea where he learned this but he has done it almost every day since we adopted him, twelve years ago.  Yes, internet, we've had this little routine for twelve years. Can you believe that? I can almost hear him saying, "Awe shucks Mom!"  At least he's courteous enough to avoid my crotch.

What strange behaviors do your dogs do when they act shy? Drop me a comment. I could use the giggles!

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3 comments on “Love Shy Mondays”

  1. Phoenix would always swing his butt around when people who weren't in his "inner circle" wanted to pet him. Face petting was reserved for a very few select people. I guess he thought someone was going to steal his soul. Probably better that way, he gave affectionate nibbles as only a malinois can - I'm sure if he nibbled on a stranger it wouldn't have ended well.

  2. Chessie won’t help answer the front door. She peeks around the edge of the couch until she sees who it is.

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